Google Hangouts is a fantastic service, but little by little, it’s fading into the background like the dozen other Google messaging services before it. However, Google has no plans to kill the service, instead wanting to shift its focus to the enterprise customer. As it does that, it’s also moving the features to best fit that use case.

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Today, Google has introduced an update to Google Hangouts on the web which makes it easier to create a new group chat. Previously in Hangouts, users would have to create the chat and then adjust names afterward.

With Google’s new update, though, users can easily create a chat, change the name, and invite members all in one quick move.┬áIt’s a small change, but it makes setting up a new chat quicker than it previously was.

This change is currently rolling out to both the standard Hangouts website and Chrome extension, as well as within the Gmail web interface. It should be available for all users within the next 1-3 days if it is not available already.


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