Canadian cellular carrier Rogers and Google have announced today (via a YouTube video, seen below), that the “Really Blue” Pixel is coming to Canada in the form of a Rogers exclusive.

Rogers didn’t provide a date for the phone’s availability and we’re not seeing it on the Rogers site yet, but the video below — which went public this morning on the Rogers YouTube channel — suggests that the phone is available now with a Share Everything plan.

Those of us in the United States take for granted that we can just hop on over to the Google Store and buy a Pixel in the limited edition “Really Blue” color. Our friends in the north haven’t been able to buy this blue version of the phone at all up to this point, but now that’s changing.

Meanwhile, in the US, we told you just a few days ago that stock for every model of the Google Pixel (and Pixel XL) finally came back on the Google Store, with the exception of the 128GB Really Blue model.

Feel free to watch the Rogers ad below:

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