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Android has always been all about customization. While other mobile operating systems have in recent years been opened up to allow for third-party keyboards, for the longest time, Android was the only platform that allowed for this level of customization.

With so many different options to choose from, what keyboard do you use on your Android device?

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When you search for “keyboard” in the Google Play Store, you get hundreds of different options to choose from. Each of these keyboards can obviously input text but the real deciding factor is how the keyboard looks and what other functionality it brings with it.

Back in the day, one of the most popular third-party keyboards was SwiftKey because it allowed you to swipe across letters to form words. While this is seen on pretty much every keyboard now, it’s just one example of the many different features that developers can add to their app to make it stand out.

If you aren’t interested in modifying your handset, maybe you’ve simply stuck with the stock keyboard that came pre-installed on your handset. While OEMs such as LG and Samsung have their own proprietary keyboards, some companies like Motorola ship phones with third-party keyboards installed such as Gboard.

So what keyboard do you use on your Android device? Answer the poll below and let us know what you like most about it in the comments!

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