Last year at Google’s developer conference, the tech giant introduced two new messaging applications: Allo and Duo. While Duo offers a cross-platform and simplistic video conferencing app, Allo was meant to be the go-to messenger application. Due to its very limited nature, however, the app never took off.

What features do you want to have added before you would consider using Allo as your main messaging application?

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As with most new Google applications, Allo’s installation number boomed when first launched on the Play Store. Since then, though, Allo has quickly slipped lower and lower in the charts. This is assumably thanks to the lack of features that most Android users are accustomed to within messaging applications.

Despite all of this, Google hasn’t given up on Allo just yet. Members of the development team have stated publicly that many of the features that users have asked for will be making their way to Allo eventually. As of now, we know that the team is at least building a desktop client for the messenger and possibly working to add SMS functionality.

So what new features do you want to have added to Allo before you would use it again? Answer the poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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