Google Allo 11 prepares for Google Duo integration, adds group QR codes, more [APK Teardown]

For several months, Google has been preparing selfie-generated stickers in Allo. We gave you an exclusive preview of that feature about a week ago. Now, Allo 11 is officially introducing those selfie-generated stickers for everyone, but this update also packs evidence of several other features coming in future updates.

About APK Teardowns: In this ‘APK teardown,’ we’ve decompiled the latest version of an application that was uploaded to the Play Store. When an app (or an APK, to be specific, in the case of Android apps) is decompiled, we’re able to see various lines of code within that hint at possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not ever ship these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect. With that in mind, read on.

Google Duo Integration

This new version of Allo also prepares for Duo calls from conversations. Using these new buttons, you’ll be able to easily tap and make a Duo call from within Allo (although we’d guess that you’re just going to get moved over to the Duo app for the call).

<string name=”action_duo_audio_call”>Duo audio call</string> <string name=”action_duo_video_call”>Duo video call</string>

As you can see below, the app will recommend that you download Duo if you haven’t already.

<string name=”duo_invite_dialog_both_missing_duo_body”>Get the app to enjoy free video &amp; audio calls with anyone on Duo</string> <string name=”duo_invite_dialog_both_missing_duo_title”>Make free calls</string> <string name=”duo_invite_dialog_contact_missing_duo_body”>Invite %s to Duo so both of you can make free video &amp; audio calls</string> <string name=”duo_invite_dialog_get_duo_button”>Get Duo</string> <string name=”duo_invite_dialog_one_person_missing_duo_title”>Call %s for free</string> <string name=”duo_invite_dialog_self_missing_duo_body”>“%s is already on Duo! Get the app and you’ll both enjoy free video &amp; audio calls”</string> <string name=”duo_invite_dialog_send_invite_button”>Send Invite</string>

Like in Duo, you will also be able to invite your contacts if they don’t have the app installed on their device.

Add groups with QR Codes

Google is also trying to make Allo easier to use, and for that they’ve launched QR Codes for groups. With these new codes, friends can just scan your code and they’ll join your conversation. Here are the relevant strings, but this feature is already enabled.

<string name=”add_with_qr_code”>Add with QR code</string> <string name=”group_link_please_wait_fetching”>Finding your group on Allo…</string> <string name=”group_qr_code_title”>Group QR Code</string> <string name=”message_failed_to_generate_qr_code”>Failed to generate QR code.</string> <string name=”qr_code_scanner_hint_text”>Ready to join? Center the Allo code to scan</string> <string name=”qr_code_scanner_invalid_dialog_title”>“That code isn’t valid”</string> <string name=”qr_scanner_activity_title”>QR scanner</string> <string name=”scan_qr_code_to_join_group”>“To add someone to the group, have them scan this code”</string>

Share invite link

In Allo 11, you’re now able to share groups links so anyone with that link can join you and your friend. Even better: In case the link goes online for some reason, you can reset it. In that case, the first link won’t work anymore, and you’ll get a new link.


Google Assistant Settings

Since Google Assistant came out, all settings were only in the Google App. Google is now preparing Google Assistant settings inside Allo.

<string name=”google_assistant_settings”>Assistant Settings</string> <string name=”assistant_all_options_subtitle”>Update what the Assistant knows about you</string> <string name=”assistant_all_options_title”>Assistant options</string>

We don’t have much more information about this for now, but as you can see above, you’ll be able to update what the Assistant knows about you.

Allo 11 is now rolling out in the Play Store. If still don’t have it, you can always check APKMirror if you can’t wait for some features.

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