As we noted in a past teardown of the Google app, IFTTT integration was in the works for Assistant. That functionality has now popped up on one of our devices, and it allows users to easily make new commands and manage existing ones.

Under Pixel, there is a new “Teach your Assistant” option. At top is the ability to make a commands that can “Say something” or “Do something.” To do other actions, users are sent to the IFTTT mobile web app. Your existing Assistant related IFTTT commands also automatically show up in a list below.

Tapping either command walks users through the creation process. The first field in “Do something” asks users what the “Ok Google” command should be and then the corresponding Google Assistant action, such as “Play We Will Rock You by Queen.”

“Say Something” is more basic, with Assistant asking what it should do when you say a basic “Ok Google” query. Both have the option to save a command without enabling it.

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