While most people pay for in-home Internet and WiFi service, some people rely on their mobile phones to connect to the web. Until recently, those use used their mobile data at home were able to also connect their Chromecasts and stream content to their TVs. Thanks to the most recent Play Services update (11.0.55), it would appear that Google has now blocked all Chromecasts from working on Android’s mobile hotspot.

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First reported on by Android Police, users have taken to the Chromecast Help Forum to complain about this change. In response, a moderator of the forum pointed out, “[m]obile hotspots are not officially supported for Chromecast. Chromecast needs access to a secure, wireless network with internet access to work as intended.”

If you are someone who uses their Android smartphone as a hotspot for your Chromecast, the only workaround at this time is to install an older version of Google Play Services. Some additional work is required to make sure that your device doesn’t automatically update the application but as Google provides security fixes within Play Services, it isn’t recommended that you go this route.

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