Spotify is my music service of choice and I was ecstatic when I learned that it was coming to the Gear S3 last year. However, the app lacked one major feature: standalone playback. It now appears that Samsung is going to add that functionality after all with an early rollout currently underway.

Nomad case for Pixel 3

Samsung has officially confirmed that this feature is coming in a press release from their Swedish press site (via Wareable). As you would expect, offline playback simply lets users download music directly to the 4GB of storage on their watch for playback away from a phone or Internet connection (LTE/WiFi).

At the moment, Spotify’s app for Gear devices¬†either requires an internet connection to stream music from your account or an active connection to your phone. Only the former of those allows playback through the watch.

When this feature does fully rollout, it will be more than welcome for WiFi and cellular variants of the Gear S2 and S3. Currently, the official rollout is limited to Sweden, but some reports state that users are receiving it in other regions as well.

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