Thanks to last week’s Google app teardown, we gained a much clearer understanding of “Bisto,” its features, and how they function. These Google Assistant-running Bluetooth headphones will likely adopt an OEM model, with one possible form factor featuring an over-the-ear design.

Another look at the strings suggests that three devices are in the works and reveal their possible codenames.

There are three codenames for Bisto-related devices in version 7.10 of the Google app beta:

<string name=“GsaPrefs.Bisto__baywolf_ota_system_version”></string>

<string name=“GsaPrefs.Bisto__apollo_ota_system_version”></string>

<string name=“GsaPrefs.Bisto__scout_ota_system_version”></string>

They are mentioned in the code in regards to over-the-air updates. Other strings in the app already suggest that Bisto devices are capable of receiving updates and detail that exact process.

Meanwhile, earlier references to OEM partners suggest that Google will be allowing others to make Bisto devices. This model is quite ingenious given the multitude of headphone styles and people’s preferences.

Of course, it’s also likely that Google is developing a first-party pair of headphones. Coincidently, a Bluetooth LE device made by Google passed through the FCC earlier this month that matches the headphone nature of Bisto devices.

Besides being able to quickly access Google Assistant to ask questions and issue commands, Bisto will be able to play notifications from your device, as well as reply to them verbally.

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