Before the water and dust resistant smartphone trend started, Samsung partnered with AT&T to introduce a ruggedized variant of the Galaxy S4. It was branded as ‘Active’ and we’ve seen a new model released every year following the release of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S line.

Since its initial appearance in 2013, though, it has primarily been exclusive to AT&T in the US (minus Sprint carrying the S5 variant back in the day). According to a new report, however, this may soon be changing…

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According to VentureBeat, AT&T’s exclusive hold on the Samsung Galaxy Active line of smartphones will soon end. So what lucky carrier will be next to receive the military grade Active handset? T-Mobile.

Evan Blass, with more smartphone leaks than probably anyone else, is the author of this report and claims to have gone hands-on with T-Mobile’s marketing material that shows the Galaxy S8 Active coming to the Uncarrier will have a model number of SM-G892T. AT&T’s model number ends with an ‘A’ instead of a ‘T.’

A Samsung-made device with the model number SM-G892U passed through Wi-Fi certification earlier this month which might point to an unlocked Galaxy S8 Active model also becoming available soon. Unfortunately, Blass mentions that he was unable to find any mention of the T-Mobile model being FCC or Bluetooth SIG certified so it may still be a while before you can get your hands on the Active outside of AT&T.

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