December 31, 2019

Earlier this year, the Google app weather card was redesigned with themed cover images that match the current condition. Google Weather and the whimsical frog are now getting in on the New Year’s Eve action with a series of 2020 illustrations, depending on your forecast.

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Google Travel launched in May to consolidate Google Flights, Hotel Search, and Trips. The latter standalone app was killed in August, but functionality lives on in Search, Maps, and now a Google Travel PWA.

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One of the hallmarks of Google Stadia is the ability to game on traditional devices like computers and TVs along with more portable form factors like a Pixel phone. To make the most of playing Stadia on your Pixel, you’ll need a phone mount for your controller. But is the official Made for Google Stadia Controller CLAW from Power Support worth your money?

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Earlier this year, it emerged that TurboTax and other tax services “deliberately” hid free filing options from Google Search. The IRS just announced that those companies have agreed to no longer engage in tactics that result in Americans paying for tools when a free option is available.

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Xiaomi’s next smartwatch, the ‘Mi Watch Color,’ has a round design

Xiaomi debuted a smartwatch based on Google’s Wear OS earlier this year in China, but its square, Apple Watch-looking design may not be for everyone. Now, Xiaomi is testing another new smartwatch with the “Mi Watch Color” which has a more traditional round design.

Realme is bringing ads to its ColorOS Android skin after a year of huge growth

Ads in software are a great source of revenue for companies, but it’s usually something that users don’t appreciate. This week, Realme announced that it would be bringing ads to ColorOS following a year of massive growth in the Android market.

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