Google Assistant Snapshot cards and reminders can now be pinned to ‘Favorites’

Last year, Google let users control what information appears in the Assistant Snapshot feed. A new “Favorites” section for Google Assistant Snapshot now lets you pin important cards to the top, with this capability being especially handy for important reminders.

When expanded, all Assistant Snapshot cards feature an overflow button in the bottom-right corner. A sheet slides up with card-specific controls (i.e., “Change temperature unit” or “Edit stocks”) and the option to “Send feedback.” 

“Add to Favorites” now appears there and lets you pin cards to the top of the Snapshot feed, overtaking “Today.” Any card can be pinned, but this is most useful for events that you want to keep an eye on. These reminders usually appear at the very bottom of your feed until they are about to fire. 

After favoriting, the feed will take a second to load and momentarily be blank. For the most part, cards retain their default compact/expanded layout.

The top-to-bottom position is determined by the order in which you favorite cards, and this aspect could be more intuitive. Overall, this persistence helps give you some control over the otherwise algorithmic and chronological nature of the feed. It’s a rather obvious addition for people that use Snapshot and something that was not in Google Now.

This Favorites section is a fairly recent addition to Assistant Snapshots and rolled out now on Android, but Google has yet to promote it.

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