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October 20

India demands third-party Android app stores in Play Store as it hits Google with fine

Google has been under intense scrutiny for its practice of requiring certain apps to be installed on Android phones, and now India is the latest country to hit Google with a multimillion-dollar fine.

April 17, 2017

Google drops Android pre-install restrictions on search engines, apps in Russia after settlement

Following a 2015 ruling of anti-monopoly behavior involving Android, Google has settled with Russia’s regulatory agency in an out-of-court deal. Google will allow apps and competing search engines to be pre-loaded on devices, with a new tool to select the latter.

May 1, 2014

Consumer rights group brings new class-action anti-trust suit against Google over Android and search

Consumer rights group Hagens Berman has filed a new class-action lawsuit against Google alleging that the company’s rise to dominance in the search market was only driven by its inclusion as the default search option in Android, and that Google’s insistence that corporate Android licensees include the company’s first party software has artificially driven up the […]

February 12, 2014

Google Mobile Services restrictions for OEMs once again coming under scrutiny

The Wall Street Journal has published a new report in which it claims that there are some major “strings attached” for manufacturers when it comes to using Android. According to documents obtained by the publication, Google has imposed strict regulations on companies that wish to have access to YouTube or the Play Store on their […]

June 14, 2013

Google being investigated by EU over allegations made by Nokia, Microsoft

According to a new report out of the Financial Times, Google is being investigated by European officials due to allegations that it has anti-competitive deals set up with select smartphone manufacturers. This isn’t the first time Google has run into trouble with the EU, as the company has been investigated for antitrust issues in the […]

May 18, 2012

Google Wallet arrives on Virgin Mobile Optimus Elite with $25 freebie to start

Virgin Mobile, a wholly-own subsidiary of Sprint, announced this morning that it would begin rolling out Google Wallet on its Android phones beginning with the recently announced LG Optimus Elite. The Elite is a small iPhone-ish sized Android device running Android 2.3. It hit Virgin last week and follows the Optimus V and Slider as popular low-cost Android devices on Virgin Mobile. Google […]

November 14, 2011

Microsoft’s anti-Android, cross-licensing strategy exposed by Barnes & Noble

Ever wonder what patents Microsoft has been using to sign up Android vendors such as Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Acer, and over 10 others in cross-licensing agreements? Just last week Barnes & Noble asked US regulators to probe Microsoft’s anti-Android strategy, which sees the company collecting millions in profits from royalties paid by just about anyone […]

August 15, 2011

WSJ: Google/Motorola deal faces legal hurdles, Motorola has $2.5B “reverse termination fee”

After a shocking announcement this morning from Google regarding a $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, most are already discussing what this means for the future of Android. However, a report from WSJ claims their sources are reporting Motorola has an “unusually large” 20% reverse termination fee in place that would see Google paying $2.5 […]

August 3, 2011

Google: Apple attempting to “strangle” Android rather than build new features, devices

Google Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer David Drummond has written an open letter in regards to Apple and others (namely Microsoft) going after smartphone patents. Drummond notes that it is fishy that Apple and Microsoft “have always been at each other’s throats” and “when they get into bed together you have to start wondering what’s […]

April 18, 2016

European Commission could finalize Android anti-trust charges against Google this week

The Financial Times reports that tight deadlines given to four lawyers suggest that the European Commission’s Android anti-trust case against Google could see formal charges finalized this week, possibly as early as Wednesday.

December 30, 2015

5 Android smartphone makers to watch in 2016

In 2015, the smartphone or, more specifically, the Android smartphone market reached tipping point. What you can get for your money now compared to 12 months ago is pretty astounding. It started with the sub $300 Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 in March, and ended with the $100 BLU phone equipped with a full HD screen. […]

July 18, 2018

Google hit with $5 billion EU anti-trust fine over Android, company set to appeal

Google has been ordered to pay a record-breaking fine by the EU regulators over anti-trust violations relating to the pre-installation of the Chrome browser and associated Google Play Services on devices running Android. The fine may not even be the biggest punishment doled out by the EU today however…

June 18, 2015

BlackBerry 10 users can now download Android apps via the Amazon Appstore (Updated)

Update: It looks like the Amazon Appstore actually began rolling out to devices with the 10.3.1 update, and that BlackBerry was simply re-highlighting the feature it added previously. Perhaps humorously, it looks like not enough people use BlackBerry devices to even know if the addition is new or not. Some users have told us that they’ve had the Appstore by default since 10.3.1, which makes us think this feature is old. Move along.

BlackBerry is rumored to be going with an Android OS for its next hardware release, according to a report from Reuters last week. But while we haven’t heard anything about that handset quite yet, it looks like BlackBerry is already giving in to the inevitable fact that it just can’t keep up with the competition — on the software front, at least. Starting today, owners of some BlackBerry devices will be receiving an update that gives access to Android apps by way of Amazon’s Appstore…

October 9, 2018

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL first impressions: Initially delightful in the way Pixel 2 wasn’t

Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have finally arrived, and there’s not much to be surprised about in terms of specs on paper. All the leaks were spot-on. There’s no Pixel Ultra. So while we would — in a normal year — be barely processing where these phones sit in the market, analyzing how they […]

October 16, 2018

Google details Android changes after Europe ruling: license fees, app bundling, forked phones

Back in July, the European Commission fined Google $5 billion over alleged antitrust practices with the Android operating system. The company this week detailed how it’s complying with the ruling while Google appeals the decision to a higher court.

June 7, 2018

Google facing fine of up to $11B as European antitrust ruling expected in July

Google could face a massive fine of up to $11B when a ruling is reached on a long-running European antitrust investigation into Android – with potentially even worse news for the company. A decision is reportedly expected to be made sometime in July …

June 4, 2019

Aptoide calls on Google to ‘Play Fair’ w/ 3rd-party app stores on Android

The past couple of years have seen Google under scrutiny for being anti-competitive. Now, a third-party app store by the name of Aptoide is asking Google to “Play Fair” with third-party app stores on Android and open up user choice.

December 14, 2021

UK calls out Google and Apple for limiting competition, asks for better ways to move between iOS & Android, more

Both Google and Apple have been the target of several anti-trust suits and complaints in the past couple of years, and this week the UK is progressing further towards attempting to intervene with the two tech giants. A new report released today shows that the UK takes issue with the “duopoly” Google and Apple have […]

September 14, 2021

Google hit w/ fine over blocking heavy Android skins, which apparently pushed Samsung to Tizen watches

South Korea’s regulatory authority, The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), has handed down a ruling and fine regarding Google’s actions with Android, saying that Google’s contract preventing heavier Android skins are an abuse of the company’s dominant market position.

September 27, 2021

Google blasts EU for ignoring Apple as it fights $5 billion fine over Android & Play Store

While the US and other regions are shining more of a spotlight on Google and the Play Store, the EU has already issued a 2018 ruling that imposed Google with a $5 billion fine over anticompetitive practices on Android. Google is fighting that fine, and slamming EU regulators over turning a blind eye to Apple.

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