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August 4

Google Meet will soon let you play Spotify, YouTube, UNO, more on Android

The latest update to Google Meet paves the way to do more than just get work done in video meetings, with support for YouTube, Spotify, UNO, and more.

June 29

Google Meet preps ‘Stereo separation’ as Duo merger nears

Google Meet is set to gain a new feature, “stereo separation” of call audio, ahead of the app being merged with Google Duo.

March 29

No, Duo isn’t adding features from Google Meet

Recent reporting suggested that Google Duo would soon be gaining a handful of features to match Google Meet, but our research suggests otherwise.

July 11, 2018

Google Home 1.30 preps support for Smart Displays & other smart appliances, renames Backdrops [APK Insight]

Last month, we learned that the Google Home is preparing a Material Theme redesign with a handful of new features. Till that launches, version 1.30 is rolling out this evening with support for Assistant Smart Displays and other smart home devices.

July 20, 2018

Google app 8.13 preps new Assistant ‘Cameo’ voice & ‘Family Sharing’ as ‘At a glance’ exits beta [APK Insight]

The latest version of the Google app is rolling out this morning with a number of in-development features related to Assistant. A new voice might be in the works, while “Family Sharing” and “Car” settings have emerged, alongside setting up Google Duo on Smart Displays. Meanwhile, the “At a glance” widget is out of beta while […]

August 1, 2018

Google Voice 2018.30 preps Hangouts Meet & Calendar integration for G Suite, tweaks DND [APK Insight]

After a bottom bar redesign in July and the announcement of an enterprise G Suite edition at Cloud Next 2018, the latest version of Google Voice is rolling out today. The update prepares for enterprise features, while also making a small tweak to Do not disturb.

August 3, 2018

Google app 8.15 preps ‘Memory Aid Locker’ for Assistant, new Material Google Duo icon, more [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta is rolling out today and while it did not provide more insight into the Pixel Stand. However, like last week, there are several new features. Version 8.15 reveals work on a “Memory Aid Locker” for Assistant, while also revealing a new Material icon for Google Duo.

August 14, 2018

Google Duo 38 adds Material Theme, removes screen sharing & vibration toggle [APK Insight]

The latest version of Google Duo is rolling out this morning with a Material Theme that features a handful of tweaks to the video calling app’s design. Meanwhile, a teardown reveals that screen sharing has been removed, while there are more rewards for Indian users.

August 29, 2018

Google Duo 39 features new Material icon, preps homescreen contact shortcuts & more rewards [APK Insight]

The latest version of Google Duo is rolling out following the previous update introducing several Material Design tweaks. Duo 39 for iOS added iPad tablet support, while introducing a more Material icon on both platforms. Meanwhile, contact homescreen shortcuts are in-development, as are more rewards.

September 26, 2018

Android Messages 3.6 revamps search, updates Material icon, and preps contact sharing [APK Insight]

In recent weeks, Android Messages has been redesigned with a Google Material Theme and dark mode, while also gaining a Messages for web client. Version 3.6 is now rolling out with advanced search and a new Material icon. Other new features include contact sharing and automatic previews.

March 9, 2018

Google app 7.23 preps Routines, Lens, Feed reactions, and alpha/beta testing channels [APK Insight]

In recent weeks, Google has announced that functionality like Routines for Assistant and Lens are soon rolling out. Version 7.23 of the Google app better details those features, while it also reveals work on an upcoming alpha/beta testing channel and upcoming Pixel Buds functionality.

March 16, 2018

Google Duo 30 preps account linking, group calling, and screen sharing [APK Insight]

After launching last week, Google Duo’s visual voicemall feature is now fully rolled out on Android and iOS. The company is now working on version 30 that better details the upcoming screen sharing and Google account linking functionality. Meanwhile, a group calling feature is also in development.

April 14, 2018

Google Duo 32 preps ‘Bokeh’ camera effect, hints at call history export [APK Insight]

The last version of Duo began rolling out initial support for Google Account linking. That feature is still in development, but a new update provides more details about that future functionality, while Google appears to be working on a bokeh camera filter and some level of exporting call history.

May 19, 2018

Google Duo 34 enables fast and easy screen sharing, preps message ‘Reply’ [APK Insight]

In March, Google Duo added support for Google account linking after months of development. With version 34, the video chatting service is launching another feature that the company has been working on for several months now: screen sharing.

April 21, 2018

Google app testing more ‘Material Design 2,’ redesigned bottom bar, & ‘Collections’ [Gallery]

Google app 8.0 revealed several features in development for Assistant like training “Your People” and Custom Routines that could run on a schedule. We’ve now managed to enable a number of new interfaces and other functionality in version 8.0, including a bottom bar redesign and the upcoming Collections feature.

April 30, 2018

Google Duo 33 preps possible tablet support w/ landscape UI & ‘Bokeh’ effects [Gallery]

Google Duo has been updated with a number of major features in recent weeks, including Google Account linking and a fun way to send quick video/voicemails. With version 33, the video service continues work on adding expressive features and a possible landscape interface for tablets.

February 8, 2019

APK Insight top stories: January 2019 brings Face Match, Android Q, YouTube Music UI tweaks

In this month’s APK Insight top stories: In January 2019, we uncovered new in-the-works features including Face Match in the Google app, various tidbits from the Android Q System UI, and interface changes in YouTube Music. Keep reading for the biggest Google app secrets we uncovered this month…

February 20, 2019

Google Duo 48 preps ‘precall’ contacts interface, ‘Engagement Rewards by Google’ [APK Insight]

After adding a fun effect for Valentine’s Day that leverages hardware-accelerated on-device inferencing, the latest version of Google’s consumer video calling service is rolling out. Google Duo 48 details work on a “precall” interface that’s essentially an improved contacts screen, and “Engagement Rewards.”

February 1, 2019

Google Duo 47 preps drawing and adding text on video messages [APK Insight]

We reported last month that Google Duo is gaining a web client for making and receiving calls through a desktop browser. Meanwhile, development on the Android app continues with Google Duo 47 revealing drawing tools to customize video messages just like Instagram and Snapchat.

January 21, 2019

Google Duo 46 preps contact Favorites, Low light mode, more [APK Insight]

The latest version of Google Duo rolled out over the weekend with hints that Favorites, Low light mode, and filters will soon be live. The former is partially available in Google Duo 46, while we have also enabled Low light mode for improved video calling.

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