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October 16, 2018

Google Lens testing import feature to analyze any image on your phone

Last month, our APK Insight of the Google app revealed that Google Lens was gaining the ability to import and visually search any image on your device. This evening, Google is beginning to roll out and test this feature.

December 1, 2018

Google app 8.65 continues work on Podcasts episode search, Image Search filters [APK Insight]

The latest version of the Google app is rolling out this evening with a number of small tweaks and features. Google app 8.65 details more about Podcasts episode search, Google Image Search filters, and more.

October 5, 2018

Google app 8.24 preps setting default ‘Notes and Lists’ app, Assistant Households, more [APK Insight]

The latest version of the Google app is rolling out to the beta channel this evening. It continues work on a number of features including Assistant Households, setting a default Notes and Lists app, Google Lens, and much more.

February 9, 2018

Google app 7.21 hints at physical Assistant button, setting default speakers & TVs, more [APK Insight]

The latest beta version of the Google app is rolling out earlier than expected on a Friday evening. Version 7.21 hints at future devices gaining a hardware Assistant button, while users may soon get the ability to set default speakers and TVs to play content through. Meanwhile, this update enables the ability to “donate” images taken by […]

May 24, 2019

Google app 9.94 details Face Match privacy & child setup, federated learning [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta is rolling out this Friday in a return to the usual release cadence after a few disruptive weeks following I/O. Google app 9.94 reveals continued work on the Nest Hub Max with Face Match privacy and the possible addition of federated learning in the Search app.

May 31, 2019

Google app 10.0 adds ‘Recent languages’ to Lens, continues work on Face Match [APK Insight]

While the Google app hit version 10.0 in the beta channel today, there are no notable changes or features underway with this release. This is par for the course, with version jumps usually not corresponding with new functionality. Instead, Google app 10.0 continues work on setting up Face Match as the Nest Hub Max nears […]

June 30, 2020

Lens readying Google Camera-like UI redesign with offline translation, ‘Homework’ filter [Gallery]

While there was no I/O this year, Google still launched a number of new features for its visual search tool in May. Google is now working on a Lens redesign for Android that adds several new capabilities.

August 9, 2019

Google app 10.41 preps device notifications in Ambient Mode, Alarms in At A Glance [APK Insight]

Despite the last beta coming on Monday evening, a new version of the Google app is ready for testing. Google app 10.41 continues work on Ambient Mode and reveals the addition of device notifications, while alarms could be coming to At A Glance.

March 30, 2020

Google app 11.3 preps offline Lens translation, Assistant photo suggestions [APK Insight]

Google app 11.3 is rolling out to the beta channel this afternoon and reveals work on two upcoming capabilities. Google Lens looks to be getting offline visual translations, while Assistant is getting some sort of photo suggestions feature.

Google app beta gains ‘Show Doodles on search widget’ setting

Back in February, the Google app beta started testing a Lab that brings Doodles to the homescreen of non-Pixel devices. In a sign that this delightful customization is exiting preview soon for all Android phones, there is now a “Show Doodles on search widget” setting.

March 31, 2020

New Google Assistant readying ‘Shortcuts’ and built-in list of supported apps

The new Google Assistant launched with the Pixel 4 last October and has expanded to more users since then. A look into Google app 11.3 reveals work on “Assistant Shortcuts” to let you create voice macros for supported apps.

April 6, 2019

Google app 9.61 preps Reminders in At A Glance widget, improved Lens translation, & ‘filters’ [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta rolled out this morning following yesterday’s launch of more visual Assistant search results on Android. Google app 9.61 shows that Reminders are coming to the At A Glance widget, while there is development on an improved translation feature for Google Lens. There is also interesting work on “filters.”

March 24, 2021

Google Assistant ‘Memory’ supercharges saving and reminders on Android, in development [Gallery]

The very first iteration of Assistant for phones was focused on voice commands until Google in 2018 added Smart Display-inspired visual elements like on-screen controls. Last year, a Snapshot feed to show personalized recommendations and upcoming events was added. Overall, Google wants Assistant to be better suited for and take advantage of the phone form […]

June 7, 2019

Google app 10.4 hints at Assistant lockscreen suggestions, adds Google One ring [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta is rolling out this evening with one notable change for your profile image. Besides the Google One subscription indicator, Google app 10.4 reveals work on Assistant suggestions possibly appearing on the Android lockscreen.

June 28, 2019

Google app 10.16 hints at Assistant ‘Updates’ feed on Ambient Display [APK Insight]

For the past several releases, the Google app has been working on a way to “Get suggestions from your Assistant on your ambient display.” Google app 10.16 provides our best guess at how this could work, and it very much looks like the current Assistant “Updates” feed.

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