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July 20, 2018

Google app 8.13 preps new Assistant ‘Cameo’ voice & ‘Family Sharing’ as ‘At a glance’ exits beta [APK Insight]

The latest version of the Google app is rolling out this morning with a number of in-development features related to Assistant. A new voice might be in the works, while “Family Sharing” and “Car” settings have emerged, alongside setting up Google Duo on Smart Displays. Meanwhile, the “At a glance” widget is out of beta while […]

August 3, 2018

Google app 8.15 preps ‘Memory Aid Locker’ for Assistant, new Material Google Duo icon, more [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta is rolling out today and while it did not provide more insight into the Pixel Stand. However, like last week, there are several new features. Version 8.15 reveals work on a “Memory Aid Locker” for Assistant, while also revealing a new Material icon for Google Duo.

March 9, 2018

Google app 7.23 preps Routines, Lens, Feed reactions, and alpha/beta testing channels [APK Insight]

In recent weeks, Google has announced that functionality like Routines for Assistant and Lens are soon rolling out. Version 7.23 of the Google app better details those features, while it also reveals work on an upcoming alpha/beta testing channel and upcoming Pixel Buds functionality.

April 21, 2018

Google app testing more ‘Material Design 2,’ redesigned bottom bar, & ‘Collections’ [Gallery]

Google app 8.0 revealed several features in development for Assistant like training “Your People” and Custom Routines that could run on a schedule. We’ve now managed to enable a number of new interfaces and other functionality in version 8.0, including a bottom bar redesign and the upcoming Collections feature.

January 29, 2018

Google app 7.20 preps custom Assistant hotwords, Duo for smart displays, more [APK Insight]

In the last version two weeks ago, the Google app teased primary and secondary languages for Assistant, as well as revealing more about smart displays. An update rolling out today reveals that custom hotwords might be coming to Assistant. Meanwhile, version 7.20 also details more about bilingual support, offline podcast downloads, and more.

June 29, 2018

Google app 8.10 preps disabling YouTube for guests, Duo on Smart Displays, door lock Routine, more [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta is rolling out this evening with more details about Assistant Smart Display functionality ahead of next month’s launch. Other features under development include disabling YouTube access for unrecognized Voice Match users and adding a smart lock Action for custom Routines.

June 15, 2018

Google app 8.8 preps color-based labels for Assistant voices, ‘dreamliner’ wireless charging widget support, more [APK Insight]

The latest Google app beta is rolling out this afternoon and reveals a number of new in-development features. Assistant is planning a color-based naming scheme for Assistant voices, while the Google app is working on support for wireless charging in the At a Glance widget.

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