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May 15, 2013

Google I/O 2013 Keynote posted to Youtube

If you weren’t able to follow along live earlier today, Google’s just posted an archive of today’s event. So block out your next 4 hours or just skip to CEO Larry Page’s impromptu Q&A at the end like me.

Google announces Google Play game services coming to Android, iOS & web today

We knew from leaks in the weeks leading up to I/O that Google was planning some gaming related announcements and today the company has officially announced the service in a press release ahead of its Google I/O keynote taking place now. Not only will the service allow Android developers to build in real-time multiplayer, social […]

May 13, 2013

In wide-ranging interview, Google’s Sundar Pichai downplays Android/Chrome I/O announcements

I’m not going to lie, this is a bit depressing. Among other boilerplate-type of answers to good questions that Wired’s Steven Levey threw at him, Sundar Pinchai said: What can we expect from I/O this year? It’s going to be different. It’s not a time when we have much in the way of launches of […]

July 13, 2012

Google’s Chromebook displays land in Best Buy with free Chrome CDs/coasters for shoppers

Google told us during its Google I/O keynote that it would bring Chromebooks to 100 Best Buy stores in the United States in the near future. Today, customers tipped TechCrunch that in-store displays for the Chromebooks finally started popping up in Best Buy retail locations. One interesting aspect of the displays is a rack of […]

June 24, 2011

Google I/O attendees, your ChromeBooks are ready!

Google I/O attendees can now cllaim their Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks. Interestingly, Google and Samsung are giving out the 3G models which retail for $500. Also interesting, they come via Amazon – you get a promo code to redeem at the end.  Start here once you get your code. Yes, ours is on the way, you […]

May 12, 2011

Google I/O 2011 Day Two Keynote now available: Chromebooks, Chrome OS news, Angry Birds for the web and more

[youtube=] The entire hour-long presentation is now available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

May 11, 2011

Chromebooks arriving June 15 from $349

Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, has just announced two cool Chrome notebooks up on stage here at Google I/O 2011. He used a new word to describe them – Chromebooks. Add that to your vocabulary, I have a feeling we’re gonna use it a lot moving forward. Samsung’s 12.1-inch Chromebook, shown above, has […]

Angry Birds hits Chrome Web Store (yes, it's free)

(Cross-posted on Here at San Francisco’s Moscone West, the Google I/O 2011 keynote has just wrapped up. Being their most important annual pilgrimage for developers, the show is a launchpad for important new products and announcements. For some people, the biggest news is that popular Angry Birds franchise is now available for the most […]

600,000 people watched yesterday's keynote stream, tune in to Day Two Keynote now

In addition to a whopping 160 million Chrome downloads so far, up from 70 million a year earlier, Google shared some interesting stats related to their live video feed of the keynote. Yesterday’s keynote had been viewed by 60,00 simultaneous users, topping 600,000 people at its peek. Currently, Day Two Keynote is underway. You can […]

May 10, 2011

Rewatch the countdown to Google I/O 2011

Google this morning kickstarted its annual I/O developer conference with a keynote full of surprises. Prior to that 9am presentation, however, the company was running a nice teaser over at the official Google I/O page. Thanks to some HTML5 magic, visitors could marvel at a dot-matrix display counting down the remaining hours, minutes and seconds. […]

May 9, 2011

Set your alarm: Google I/O 2011 kicks off tomorrow

Google’s annual developer conference is due tomorrow, May 9, 2001 in San Francisco at 9am Pacific Time. In the run-up to the event the company has created a nice web-based timer clock at the official conference site, sporting a cool dot-matrix display that counts down the remaining hours, minutes and seconds until the event. With each […]

May 26, 2015

Google I/O 2015 Preview: We’re doubling down on Android M, Chrome, Wear and more

Stephen and I are off to Google I/O 2015 this week (the first time we’ve sent 2 people – for double the coverage!) but we wanted to preview what we we’re excited about this week. I’d run through the list of expectations but Chance already made 90% of the list when the sessions were launched. Go check it […]

Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer confirms Android M for this year, talks Android and Chrome OS convergence, more

Prior to this week’s Google I/O developers’ conference in San Francisco, Google’s Vice President of Engineering for Android Hiroshi Lockheimer sat down with Fast Company to talk about the current state (and the future) of Android, Chrome OS, and more. Lockheimer confirmed the upcoming announcement of Android M, and offered much insight into where Android came […]

May 6, 2016

Google I/O invites are still being sent out last-minute

Google‘s upcoming I/O event gathers a lot of anticipation from developers all over the world. Likewise, Android enthusiasts that are not directly involved in coding still very much look forward to the event.

That means — despite their relatively hefty price tag — when tickets become available, they generally sell out in minutes. However, as an Android Police tipster shows, it looks like Google is still pushing out last-minute invites to some lucky applicants…

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