March 27, 2017

Samsung confirms it will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 units, details recycling for other units [Update]

Following the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, we’ve heard multiple rumors stating that the phone would make a return in the form of a refurbished and safe device. Today, Samsung has officially confirmed that it plans to do this along with detailing plans to recycle remaining Note 7 inventory.

February 26, 2017

Samsung’s MWC event interrupted by Greenpeace protesting handling of Note 7 recall

Protesting Samsung’s handling of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Greenpeace interrupted the company’s MWC event and keynote earlier today. The group unfurled banners outside the event and interrupted the presentation shortly after it began.

February 22, 2017

Samsung has no plans to sell a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in India

Yesterday we heard that Samsung was possibly going to resurrect the Galaxy Note 7 with the same design, specs, and features, but with a new, smaller and safer battery. Many are still interested in picking up the Note 7, but it seems like the company doesn’t have plans of bringing it back…

February 21, 2017

Would you buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if you knew it wouldn’t explode? [Poll]

A report emerged this morning claiming that Samsung might bring back the Galaxy Note 7. This is exciting news as the Note 7 was one of the best selling and most popular smartphones of 2016. So popular, in fact, that Samsung had to roll out firmware updates that intentionally bricked handsets so that owners would actually […]

Samsung may resurrect the Galaxy Note 7 in emerging markets with a new, smaller battery

We didn’t get a ton of truly great smartphones last year outside of options like the Huawei Mate 9, Samsung Galaxy S7, and of course the Google Pixel. However, there was one that really stood out ─ the Galaxy Note 7. With that release, Samsung had something incredible on its hands, until it blew up […]

February 20, 2017

Samsung’s reputation in one US survey has plummeted following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle

After everything that happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year, many customers have been fairly wary about the company’s devices, some even stating that they’ll never use a smartphone made by the Korean giant ever again. Now, that lack of trust is showing, as Samsung’s reputation in the United States has plummeted down […]

February 8, 2017

Lithium-ion waste caused a fire at Samsung factory that produced Note 7 batteries

If you thought the Galaxy Note 7 debacle news cycle was finally done with, you were wrong. Yesterday, a fire broke out at the Samsung SDI battery factory in China. This is the same factory that produced batteries for the Note 7 before the first recall of the handset…

January 23, 2017

Purported photos of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery testing lab surface [Gallery]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 debacle officially wrapped up yesterday (or at least we hope), with the Korean company announcing that flaws in batteries from two different suppliers were to blame for the device’s explosions. Now, a series of photos showing what appears to be the company’s Note 7 battery investigation facility have popped up on Twitter…

January 22, 2017

Samsung says batteries from two manufacturers were the cause of Note 7 explosions [Video]

The Galaxy Note 7 was very short lived after handsets began to explode. There have been reports and rumors that the battery was the root cause but results of an official investigation had yet to be announced. Today, Samsung has confirmed that the Note 7’s issues were indeed battery-related, specifically due to positive and negative battery cells making […]

January 11, 2017

96% of Galaxy Note 7s in the US have been returned, airlines no longer required to announce ban

It’s been a long road for Samsung with the Galaxy Note 7 recall, but things are finally coming to an end. Samsung has today confirmed that almost every single Note 7 in the US has been removed from the market.

January 2, 2017

Report: Samsung has concluded Note 7 investigation, to reveal results mid-January

After discontinuing the Galaxy Note 7 late last year, Samsung quickly opened up an investigation to figure out exactly what caused the device to catch fire. Now, according to a report out of Korea, Samsung has concluded the investigation.

December 27, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 on T-Mobile among first to recieve Samsung update that disables charging

With all US carriers now falling in line, the first updates to permanently disable the Galaxy Note 7 are rolling out. Beginning with T-Mobile, the Samsung device will no longer be able to hold a charge in hopes that errant consumers will finally follow the recall and return the device.

December 9, 2016

Samsung officially confirms that it will permanently disable any remaining Galaxy Note 7 over the next month [Update]

Just last night a report came out that Samsung, at least on US Cellular, was planning to disable remaining Galaxy Note 7 units. Now, the company has officially confirmed those actions for every remaining Galaxy Note 7 in the United States.

December 8, 2016

Samsung could start permanently disabling Galaxy Note 7s in the US as soon as next week

It’s been two months since the Galaxy Note 7 was officially recalled, but not everyone who bought the phone has been willing to give it back. To encourage some of those users to return their device, Samsung has pushed out updates in certain regions to limit the Note 7 to a maximum charge of 60%. […]

December 7, 2016

Samsung says Note 7 owners in Canada won’t have radio functionality starting next week

By now the entire world has heard about the Note 7 and its recall. Samsung has been trying hard to get customers to return the handset, working with network providers and governments to limit features of the units that are still in the wild. Starting next week in Canada, Samsung is going to the extreme and will disable […]

December 5, 2016

Samsung’s aggressive design on the Galaxy Note 7 could be to blame for explosions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will go down in the history books as one of the company’s biggest disasters. After having initial reports of batteries catching fire in September and then even having the replacement devices continue to catch on fire, Samsung had to officially recall and stop all production on the handset. As of today, Samsung […]

November 21, 2016

New Reuters poll suggests that Note 7 debacle didn’t damage Samsung’s brand in the US

Following a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 due to dozens of device explosions, many expect Samsung’s brand as a whole to suffer. Other issues in the company’s vast array of products ─ namely washing machines ─ only contributed to that. However, according to a new poll, none of these episodes have significantly damaged Samsung’s […]

November 4, 2016

Samsung planning to release a Galaxy Note 7 update that limits its battery to 60%

Samsung has announced today to provide an update on the Note 7 debacle, saying that almost 85% of all recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices have now been replaced through its exchange program. You would think the Korean company would rather just pretend like nothing happened at this point, but I guess these numbers aren’t that bad — […]

October 27, 2016

Report: Samsung will reveal findings in Note 7 investigation by end of year

Samsung has been having a rough time since the launch of its Note 7 smartphone, and even though the production of the handset has been halted and devices have been recalled, the company still doesn’t know for sure what caused the phone to explode. A new report out of Reuters says that Samsung is planning to officially announce the reasoning behind the defective Note 7 units sometime around the end of this year…

October 10, 2016

Samsung officially stops Galaxy Note 7 sales and exchanges globally, asks users to power down devices

It’s been a rough past few days for Samsung. Following carriers halting sales of the device and a report stating that the company had stopped production of the device, Samsung has officially stopped sales of the device worldwide.

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