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July 30

YouTube Music now shows ‘Other performances’ of your current song

One of YouTube Music’s best features is access to the YouTube library of fan covers, live performances recorded by concertgoers, and more. YouTube Music is now surfacing these “Other performances” right from Now Playing.

July 26

YouTube Music starts rolling out redesigned playlist UI to Android phones

Back in June, YouTube Music rolled out a playlist and album view redesign to tablets, and the former is now starting to appear on Android phones.

July 20

YouTube Music for Android is working on a sleep timer [APK Insight]

A sleep timer to pause playback after a specified increment is in the works for YouTube Music. This has been a long requested feature, especially since Google Play Music offered one ages ago.

July 22

YouTube Music tests ‘Dynamic queue’ that changes as you listen

After rolling out support for Android 13’s redesigned media controls, YouTube Music this week is also testing a “Dynamic queue.”

July 9, 2018

YouTube Music 2.39 preps seperate audio & video quality for offline downloads [APK Insight]

The revamped YouTube Music began rolling out last month in 17 countries, while users in the United States and other regions should have full access to it by now. Features like Google Play Music’s cloud locker are slated for future updates, but in the meantime the latest version of the Android app is now available.

August 1, 2018

YouTube Music will get bi-weekly updates w/ SD card support, audio quality, & more planned

With YouTube Music now several weeks old and rolling out internationally, Google is ready to improve and regularly update the streaming service with new features. The music offering will see functionality updates every two weeks, with a number already on the product roadmap.

August 3, 2018

YouTube Music 2.43 preps ‘Smart Remote’ w/ virtual D-Pad for Cast TVs [APK Insight]

Earlier this week, the YouTube Music team shared that the app would adopt a two-week update cycle to introduce highly requested features missing from Google’s latest streaming offering. The latest version of the Android client is rolling out and better details work on a possible “smart_remote” for televisions.

May 16, 2018

Revamped YouTube Music launching next week as ‘YouTube Premium’ replacing Red

For the past several months, a revamp to Google’s streaming music offerings has been widely rumored. A new report today pegs the launch of the revamped YouTube Music for next week, while YouTube Red and other video features will be replaced by a new “Premium” service. Update: Google has officially announced the new YouTube Music and […]

March 12, 2018

YouTube Music 2.23 preps SD card support and Incognito mode [APK Insight]

Recent updates to YouTube Music over the past few weeks have made the app more like Play Music in a sign that a revamp is in the works. Version 2.23 over the weekend continue this and hints at SD card support and an Incognito mode.

April 10, 2018

YouTube Music 2.27 hints ‘Recommendations’ over ‘Stations,’ locations ‘powered by Google,’ more [APK Insight]

Rumors last year pegged the launch of Google’s new YouTube music streaming service in March, but of course that month has come and gone. Meanwhile, YouTube Music continues its regular updates that don’t reveal many user-facing changes, but always show work under-the-hood.

February 18, 2019

YouTube Music 3.03 adds Android Auto support, continues work on playing on-device files [APK Insight]

Recent updates to YouTube Music have added major features like Sonos integration, and more minor tweaks from Queue changes to expanded “Add to playlist” availability. YouTube Music 3.03 adds Android Auto support, and continues work on letting users play “sideloaded” songs.

February 19, 2019

Hands-on: YouTube Music on Android Auto offers easy in-car access w/ excellent ‘Recommended’ screen

Android Auto is becoming a selling point for cars nowadays, and to that end, it can definitely make or break what music service you use. Mind-bogglingly, Google just added support for Android Auto to YouTube Music this week. Let’s take a quick hands-on look.

February 7, 2019

YouTube Music expands ‘Add to playlist’ button to albums and other playlists on Android, iOS

Since launch, YouTube Music has slowly added new features including UI tweaks and Queue changes last month, as well as Sonos speaker integration. However, Google’s music streaming service is still frustratingly missing functionality as evidenced by the latest addition: adding full albums and playlists to other playlists.

March 21, 2019

YouTube Music 3.07 lets you manually improve recommendations, adds animated thumbnails on iOS [APK Insight]

YouTube Music last week saw a wider international release to 14 countries including India and South Africa. The latest version of the app now lets users manually improve their music recommendations, while the iOS client adds animated thumbnails for videos.

January 21, 2019

YouTube Music 2.67 features UI tweaks, Queue changes, more [APK Insight]

Since launching last year, Google’s latest streaming service has slowly gained new features, and continues work on others. YouTube Music 2.67 features slight interface changes and tweaks to the now playing queue.

January 10, 2019

YouTube Music 2.65 continues work on sideloaded tracks, could be pre-installed on Android [APK Insight]

The first update of 2019 for Google’s latest streaming service is now available and reveals more work on reaching feature parity with Play Music. YouTube Music 2.65 continues development on sideloaded tracks and suggests that the app could be pre-installed on devices in the future.

March 2, 2019

YouTube Music 3.0 features basic support for playing local audio files

Earlier this week, Google Clock added support for musical alarms from YouTube Music, while last month the streaming service gained Android Auto integration with version 3.03. That update also added rudimentary support for playing on-device audio files.

February 27, 2018

YouTube Music 2.21 gains Play Music’s audio quality settings, preps international launch [APK Insight]

In recent months, YouTube Music has been frequently updated on Android. This comes ahead of a rumored revamp of Google’s music services reportedly led by YouTube. That possible merger intensifies with version 2.21 of YouTube Music adding the same quality controls found in Play Music. Meanwhile, the app is preparing for an international expansion that likely coincides […]

October 19, 2018

[Update: App shortcuts] YouTube Music for Android drops play FAB, adds shuffle button to albums & playlists

Last month, YouTube Music finally rolled out streaming and download quality controls. Google’s latest attempt at streaming music is now tweaking the albums and playlists UI to make it easier to quickly start playback and shuffle.

November 30, 2018

YouTube Music 2.61 reveals more about autoplay, playing on-device files [APK Insight]

YouTube Music 2.61 is beginning to roll out on Android with follow-up about the upcoming features revealed during the last update. This version better details the autoplay functionality, listening to on-device songs, and more.

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