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May 4

Here’s what our readers think of the Android 12 UI redesign

Recently we asked our readers just what they thought of the upcoming Android 12 UI redesign, and the responses were quite surprising.

April 29

Android 12 relocates Google Voice Typing, resulting in duplicate listings

Those on the Android 12 Developer Preview have begun to notice a “Google Voice Typing [Legacy]” option in their keyboard list. This is due to a mildly interesting tweak being made that moves Google Voice Typing from one app to another.

April 26

Android 12 DP3: Playing audio now crossfades when switching player

A new change to the audio-playing experience on Android 12 DP3 might prove to be very divisive, as currently playing audio will now crossfade when another app initiates playback.

April 21

Android 12 DP3: Rounded ‘bubbly’ corners now used with all key UI elements

Android 12 is set to provide some of the most extensive UI tweaks and redesigns, with a wide array of UI elements and menus receiving a larger “bubbly” look in the latest Developer Preview 3.

April 29

Poll: How do you feel about the upcoming Android 12 UI redesign?

Android 12 looks to provide one of the biggest overhauls to the mobile OS for some time, with recent Developer Previews giving a taste of an upcoming redesign, and we’re wondering how you feel?

April 21

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 hands-on: Top new features [Video]

The Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is set to be the last “full” developer build of the latest OS, and we’ve unearthed a treasure trove of new user-facing features.

Android 12 DP3: ‘At A Glance’ widget on Pixel homescreen is subtly bolder

The date and weather widget on Pixel devices is subtly bolder than it used to be. You can see this extremely minor change in the image above — on the left is Android 11 while the right is DP3.

Here’s everything new in Android 12 Developer Preview 3 [Gallery]

The next version of Android remains focussed on developers until the first beta launches next month. With that in mind, we’re diving into today’s release of Android 12 DP3 to find all the new features.

Google rolling out Android 12 Developer Preview 3 for Pixel phones

Following a pair of patches in recent weeks, Google is rolling out Android 12 Developer Preview 3 (DP3) to Pixel phones today. This should be the final developer-quality preview before the Android Beta starts next month.

April 29

OnePlus 6/6T won’t get Android 11 until long after Android 12’s release

If you’re still rocking the 2018-released OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T, hopefully you aren’t too excited about the Android 11 release. OnePlus has just confirmed we won’t see its release anytime soon.

April 21

Android 12 DP3: Widgets get revamped w/ new menu, recommendations, forced rounded corners

Following the recent popularity of homescreen widgets after their launch on iOS, Android 12 is giving some love to the OS’s long-existing widgets system, including a new menu, forced rounded corners, and more.

April 28

Android 12 Developer Preview 3: Hands-on with more big features yet to arrive [Video]

The latest Android 12 Developer Preview 3 build has added a whole heap of features; some are hidden but could soon arrive in upcoming Beta builds — so we’ve been diving in.

April 26

Everything we learned about the next Google Pixel from the Android 12 Preview

As we steadily approach the midway point of the year, rumors have begun to swirl about the next Google Pixel phone, presumed to be the “Pixel 5a.” Here’s what we’ve learned about Google’s next phone from the Android 12 Preview builds.

April 21

Android 12 DP3: Screenshot editor and markup tool gains new fonts, launch animation

As we delve deep into the minutiae of the third Android 12 Developer Preview, we’re finding more notable changes including the screenshot editor and markup tool.

Android 12 DP3: Battery screen replaces icon w/ new progress bar

In Android 12’s third developer preview, there are a lot of visual changes and tweaks, including one to the battery screen. Now, Android 12 shows how much battery life you have left with a progress bar instead of the traditional icon.

Android 12 DP3: Conversations widget appears for some, uses your wallpaper colors

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 has brought the new “Conversations” widget for some, allowing you to keep tabs on your most important conversations — in style.

April 26

Google Lens shortcut appearing for some in Pixel Launcher search bar

Google Lens has begun to appear in the Pixel Launcher’s search bar side-by-side with the Google Assistant, in a new test.

April 21

Android 12 DP3: Dark mode finally extends to toast messages w/ design tweak

Dark mode was fully integrated into Android almost three years ago at this point, but some parts of the system have slipped through. In Android 12, Google is finally bringing a dark theme to toast messages.

Android 12 DP3: All apps now show the same splash screen while loading [Gallery]

Splash screens aren’t uncommon on Android, but in its latest release, Google wants to unify the look across all apps. Starting with Android 12 and its third developer preview, all apps will now show a splash screen.

May 10

What to expect from Google I/O 2021: Assistant, Android 12, and ‘Material NEXT’

While I/O is predominantly a developer conference, the kickoff keynote is Google’s biggest opportunity every year to show off new consumer services and products. After skipping a year, Google I/O is back for 2021. Here’s our preview of what we expect the company to show off next Tuesday.

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