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July 2

‘Android Auto for Phone Screens’ improves support for Google Maps in landscape

Android Auto for Phone Screens was supposed to be a simple stop-gap leading up to the launch of Google Assistant’s Driving Mode, but with that feature still nowhere to be found, Google is making some improvements. This week, Android Auto for Phone Screens is being updated with improved Google Maps support.

June 24

Android Auto races to 500 million downloads on the Google Play Store

Despite being a relative newcomer to in-car entertainment, the Android Auto app has now surpassed the 500 million download milestone on the Google Play Store.

Latest Skype update adds Android Auto support, but only for SMS messages

The latest Skype Insider Preview has brought with it Android Auto support, but sadly only for sending and receiving SMS messages.

June 22

Google rolling out fix for Assistant connection issues with Android Auto

After an extensive wait, Google is now rolling out a fix for an issue that prevented users from utilizing the Assistant fully when connected to Android Auto.

June 23

Hey Google, it’s long-past time for Android Auto to support custom wallpapers

I’ve always been a fan of Google’s Android Auto and, personally, I’ve found it more useful than Apple’s CarPlay if only for the fact of a good voice assistant. Yesterday at WWDC though, Apple announced a change for CarPlay that’s long overdue for Android Auto — custom wallpapers.

June 15

Android Auto prepares to regain Google Calendar integration

One of the better things about the old Android Auto, before it got redesigned, was its Google Feed-like home screen that offered useful things like your upcoming Google Calendar events. The latest version of Android Auto points to your car regaining its Google Calendar smarts, including navigation shortcuts.

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