July 18

While Google shared a great deal about their upcoming game streaming service at the Stadia Connect last month, many still had outstanding queries. Earlier today, Google Stadia’s director of product, Andrey Doronichev, took to Reddit to answer all of our burning questions. Thanks to this rapid-fire Q&A session, we now know a good bit more about the nitty-gritty details of Google Stadia, such as how Stadia Pro’s free games actually work — it’s not like Netflix — and when we should expect the next Stadia Connect.

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July 16

Google Stadia director of product to host Reddit AMA on July 18

Google took the lid off their Stadia game streaming service last month at the first Stadia Connect, just before E3. However, many were still left with unanswered questions. This week, Google is hosting a Stadia AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to help satisfy our curiosity.

June 17

When Google opened up pre-orders earlier this month, the Stadia Founder’s Edition was the only way to purchase additional Stadia Controllers. The Made by Google controller can now be purchased directly from the Google Store.

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June 13

During the first ever Stadia Connect earlier this month, we learned about the many multiplayer games we’ll be able to enjoy on Google Stadia. Developers from Bungie, the creators of Destiny 2, have addressed fans’ concerns over potential for input lag when playing a competitive multiplayer game like Destiny 2 on Google Stadia.

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June 10

Google Stadia isn’t launching til November, but there are going to be quite a few big titles coming to the platform. With E3 going on, we’re learning of more big titles coming out. Here are the biggest titles from E3 2019 that are confirmed for Google Stadia, along with those getting new content when they hit the platform.

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June 9

[Update: 11:30AM PT] Stadia’s Phil Harrison E3 interview is today [Livestream]

With Stadia Connect yesterday, Google preempted Microsoft and Nintendo’s E3 news with its own livestream about pricing and launch titles. Google is not expected to have a presence at the games conference next week, but Stadia head Phil Harrison will be interviewed on Sunday and is taking questions.

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