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October 16

[Update: Extended] Google’s Fitbit deal to be investigated by EU through January 2021

Google announced late last year that it planned to purchase Fitbit to bolster its wearable portfolio, but the deal has been under scrutiny from the EU since day one. Several months later, it’s now looking like Google’s Fitbit deal will undergo a full investigation from the European Union.

September 22

Age-restricted YouTube videos will no longer play when embedded on third-party sites

YouTube today announced a series of changes to how age-restricted videos work on its platform. The Google company will be leveraging machine learning in this review process, while YouTube videos meant for those over 18 will not play on third-party sites.

September 14

Fitbit Sense ECG app gets approval in US and Europe, arrives in October

Set to release in just a couple of weeks, the Fitbit Sense’s best feature is the ability to take an ECG reading. However, that feature was subject to approval in most regions. Now, Fitbit Sense has received approval for ECG in the US and Europe.

July 23

Europe wants Google to pledge that Fitbit data won’t ‘further enhance’ Search

At the start of this month, it emerged that Europe could approve the sale of Fitbit if Google pledged not to use data for ads. Last week, Google committed to that, but Europe’s regulators reportedly have new demands concerning Fitbit data and Search.

July 2

Google’s Fitbit acquisition facing deeper scrutiny from European regulators over data concerns

Back in November, Google announced that it was acquiring Fitbit and that the deal would close sometime in 2020. The purchase was immediately scrutinized amid mounting criticism of Big Tech, and the European Union could now be “gearing up for an extended investigation and may block the transaction.”

June 11

Google, Facebook, and Twitter commit to coronavirus misinformation reports per EU request

While other events may have started to overshadow the coronavirus pandemic, the virus is still very much a big deal around the globe. Now, in order with a request from the European Union, US tech giants including Google are going to produce regular reports regarding misinformation online about the coronavirus.

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