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August 4

Google’s Fitbit deal to be investigated by EU through December 2020 [Updated]

Google announced late last year that it planned to purchase Fitbit to bolster its wearable portfolio, but the deal has been under scrutiny from the EU since day one. Several months later, it’s now looking like Google’s Fitbit deal will undergo a full investigation from the European Union.

November 28, 2019

Google is in breach of antitrust agreement that saw it fined $2.7B, say rivals

A group of 41 European price-comparison shopping sites say Google is in breach of an antitrust agreement it reached with the European Union back in 2017. Google was fined a record €2.4B (then $2.7B) after a 7-year investigation which concluded that Google unfairly favored its own Shopping results against those from other price-comparison sites …

May 21, 2012

EU competition commissioner says he’ll settle antitrust investigation with Google

A European Union commissioner chief just gave Google “a matter of weeks” to settle allegations of competition-restricting activity that could help the search engine escape hefty fines and formal charges. Joaquin Almunia, the European Union’s vice president of the European commission responsible for competition, announced today that he sent a letter to Google’s chairperson Eric Schmidt. The letter detailed […]

May 22, 2012

Google CEO Larry Page: Facebook is holding user data ‘hostage’ [Video]

Google’s CEO Larry Page went on the “Charlie Rose” show via PBS last night to discuss an array of topics, but he also made sure to scold newly-public Facebook in regards to users’ data. According to Venture Beat, Page well-wished Facebook on its IPO, and then he jumped to, “I think it’s been unfortunate that Facebook […]

January 31, 2012

EU to formally investigate Samsung over mobile patents

European Union regulators today announced the launch of a formal investigation of Samsung over mobile patents to determine whether the South Korean conglomerate breached EU antitrust rules in its legal dealings with competitors. The investigation is focused on so-called FRAND patents, a common rule that stipulates a patent applying to the standard must be adopted on “fair, reasonable, and […]

September 6, 2012

South Korean regulators investigating Samsung monopoly concerns following antitrust complaints from Apple

According to a report from Reuters, South Korean regulators, the Korea Fair Trade Commission, are investigating Samsung regarding complaints from Apple that the company is “abusing its dominant position in wireless technology.” The issue at hand is whether Samsung is using its monopoly in the tech industry to demand higher licensing fees from Apple. The FTC […]

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