March 12

Not even three years after its announcement, Google’s Allo messaging service says goodbye later today. The messaging service had a lot of promise and a ton of hype when it first was announced back at Google I/O 2016. Sadly, it just never went anywhere, so before it kicks the bucket, let’s take a look back at how it laid the groundwork for what’s next – Google Messages and RCS.

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March 11

Google is notorious at this point for killing off products seemingly for no reason. Sometimes it’s a shame, other times it goes nearly unnoticed. In the next few weeks, though, Google is preparing to kill off quite a few beloved products including Inbox by Gmail, Google+, Allo, and its URL shortener.

Here’s a calendar of what’s coming and what’s being killed with Google’s “Spring Cleaning.”

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Hangouts Chat adds option to delete direct message conversation history

After adding typing indicators in direct messages last month, Hangouts Chat now has the ability to delete 1:1 conversation history. This straightforward functionality for Google’s enterprise-focussed messaging solution is already live on Android, and coming to all platforms.

October 8, 2018

How to download your Google+ data before it shuts down this April

Well, it finally happened. Google+ is officially being shut down. The ill-fated social network never really had mass adoption, but its core user base is certainly already pretty vocal about it going away, though. If you’re an avid user, here’s how to download Google+ data before it gets shut down.

March 7

At the top-right corner of every Google web page is your profile icon, web app launcher, and notifications. Google is now planning to deprecate the oft-used Notifications Widget from the navigation bar next month.

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March 5

G Suite Migrate launches in beta to transition enterprise data to Google services

G Suite encompasses Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Hangouts Chat/Meet, and other web services that compete with legacy products. To make transitioning an enterprise to the cloud easier, Google today announced G Suite Migrate in beta.

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