November 15

Microsoft’s Xbox ‘Keystone’ cloud gaming streamer would have cost twice as much as Chromecast

As cloud gaming has improved, Microsoft has been not-so-secretly working on an Xbox streaming device known as “Keystone,” but as it turns out a big part of the reason the company canned the project was its price.

November 1

Microsoft Edge is making PC-to-Android file and link sharing even easier

In any given workstation, file sharing is essential. With Microsoft Edge Canary’s new “Drop” feature, you can easily send and receive files from your PC to your Android phone, and vice versa.

October 24

Microsoft starts rolling out Android 12L for the Surface Duo and Duo 2

As teased earlier this month, Android 12L is now rolling out to the Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 with more than a few visual inspirations from Windows 11. 

December 1

You can now keep track of what accounts you use Google sign-in on with 1Password [Video]

Using your Google account or social accounts to sign in to other sites is a convenient option, but it can be easy to forget which accounts are using the option. In one of its latest updates, 1Password is now able to keep track of what accounts are using sign-in from Google and other social accounts.

November 28

Google has updated the original Chromecast for the first time in over three years

In a new batch of Chromecast updates, Google has released new firmware for the first-generation Chromecast for the first time in years.

November 16

Niantic shows off AR headset prototype powered by Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1

At the 2022 Snapdragon Summit, Niantic took the stage today to show off the “latest iteration” of its outdoor AR headset reference design. The company, which was spun out of Google in 2015 as part of Alphabet reorganization, is most known for Pokémon Go.

November 25

Is Wear OS ever going to get a full Gmail or Google Calendar app?

One constant between Android Wear to Wear OS 3 is the lack of dedicated Gmail or Google Calendar applications on watches. Amid the flurry of new devices and hardware advancements, it’s increasingly worthwhile for Google to rethink its reliance on rich notifications for key actions.

November 10

Google sends out Pixel Buds Pro hardware and software feedback survey

Compared to previous generations, the Pixel Buds Pro was more of a success for Google and the company is now sending out a feedback survey following the July launch.

October 20

Microsoft confirms Android 13 is coming to Windows 11 with more new features for apps

Android apps in Windows has been an exciting feature to watch unfold over the last few months. Microsoft has no plans of slowing down support for this subset of apps; rather, the company has shared a road map of what it expects to bring to the table in the future, including Android 13 support for Windows.

November 17

Xbox’s Phil Spencer comments on Stadia shutdown; says Google did a ‘good job’

Following Google’s announcement of the closure of Stadia, Xbox’s Phil Spencer is coming forward with some comments about the shutdown in a new interview.

October 25

Google Chrome ditching support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 in early 2023

If you’re still on an older Windows PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, Google might be giving you a big reason to finally upgrade. Starting in early 2023, Google Chrome will strip support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

October 26

Xbox axes ‘Keystone’ game streaming dongle as 20 million have used Cloud Gaming so far

As Google moves towards the end of its Stadia cloud gaming service, Microsoft is touting more success with Xbox Cloud Gaming, now having said that over 20 million people have used the service, but there’s bad news about “Keystone,” the dedicated streaming device that could have further expanded that number.

October 27

Windows 11 PCs will soon be able to start the hotspot on your Samsung smartphone

With a coming update to Windows 11, laptops and PCs are picking up the ability to automatically launch the hotspot on your smartphone as a part of the “Phone Link” feature, but it only works with select Android phones.

October 19

Microsoft wants to take on the Google Play Store and App Store with its own mobile game store

Both Google and Apple have come under regulatory scrutiny over the past few years due to practices with their respective mobile app stores and the lack of competition. As it turns out, Microsoft has been quietly working on its own mobile game store that would take on the Play Store and App Store, but it […]

November 18

These apps support Material You’s themed icons on Android 13

Google debuted the ability to have themed icons on the homescreen in Android 12, designed to help go all-in on Material You theming. Now, in Android 13, third-party apps can get in on the fun of themed icons; here’s an ongoing list of apps that support the functionality.

October 31

Pre-iPhone Google G1 renders reveal a lot of green and more physical buttons

The original Android team spent the weekend and today debunking some misconceptions about the operating system’s creation especially in relation to the iPhone. As part of that, Android co-founder Rich Miner shared an interesting pair of Google G1 renders that predate the iPhone.

October 28

As Stadia dies, Xbox’s Phil Spencer says cloud gaming shouldn’t be an ‘either/or’ – he’s right

Google Stadia is set to shut down in a matter of months after barely three years of availability. “What went wrong” is a complex question, but it seems Xbox’s Phil Spencer has an opinion on why Stadia didn’t succeed in the same way Xbox Cloud Gaming has, and, as someone who loved Stadia, I’ve got […]

October 21

Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows officially launches v1; Amazon Appstore hits 31 total regions

Things are moving along steadily with Microsoft’s support of Android apps through the Amazon Appstore in Windows 11. Microsoft’s WSA – Windows Subsystem for Android – platform has officially reached version 1, with the Amazon Appstore reaching over 30 regions and markets.

October 25

Google Workspace Individual now in 12 more countries and getting 1TB of storage

After launching in Europe this August, Google Workspace Individual is now available in 12 new countries and comes up with much more storage at 1TB. 

October 26

Here’s what Android’s early warning system saw during yesterday’s San Francisco earthquake

Yesterday afternoon a magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit the San Francisco area, the largest in the area in the better part of a decade. But for those carrying an Android phone, there was an early warning to the earthquake for residents of San Francisco and the nearby areas.

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