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March 4

Report: Twitter is not antagonizing Google, a large advertiser and Cloud provider

From layoffs to not paying bills, Twitter has been on a cost-cutting drive since the Elon Musk acquisition. The latter has resulted in lawsuits from landlords and vendors, though one partner Twitter is not antagonizing is Google.

March 11

Android TV and Google TV ads continue to push ads for physical products, now including cars

Ads on Android TV and Google TV have always been moderately tame compared to other smart TV platforms, as they exclusively showed advertisements for TV shows and movies. But slowly, Android TV and Google TV ads have been starting to show physical products, including a new ad going around that advertises an Audi car.


Google TV prompting users with ‘Personalized ads update’ message

In recent days, Google TV has been showing a “Personalized ads update” on televisions and streaming devices.

March 21

Google has tasked the Assistant team to work on Bard

The conversational aspects of generative AI and large language models (LLMs), like LaMDA, make it ripe for smart assistants. Google specifically mentioned Assistant two years ago as a product where it hopes to incorporate “better conversational features.” That has yet to happen, but the Google Assistant team is helping lead Bard development.

February 23

Google’s Bard AI could cost 10x as much as traditional keyword search

AI has taken the world by storm in recent months, and the next steps are still to come. For Google, though, further expansion of AI in Search by way of Bard could represent a huge increase in cost.

March 8

YouTube eases demonetization rules when creators use profanity

YouTube is to ease the rules surrounding the use of profanity in videos after introducing new stipulations in late 2022.

February 14

Google rolling out Privacy Sandbox Beta with new settings to Android 13

Last February, Google announced Privacy Sandbox on Android as a way to provide safer advertising techniques that preserve user privacy and keep the industry “healthy.” Privacy Sandbox is now launching in beta on Android 13 devices.

February 21

Microsoft aggressively trying to keep Chrome downloaders using Edge

Microsoft sees its browser as an important aspect and entry point for the new Bing. Microsoft Edge on Windows is now showing a rather aggressive ad on the Chrome download page to dissuade people from switching.

February 17

Amazon blocks Fire TV users from remapping remote buttons yet again

Amazon appears to be imposing a ban on apps that allow users to remap the buttons on Fire TV remotes, and it’s not the first time the company has made this move.

February 21

Google Messages is finally just calling it ‘RCS’

Since last year’s “Get the Message” advertising campaign online and in New York City, awareness of Rich Communication Services (RCS) is growing more mainstream. Google is now making RCS even more consumer-facing by prominently surfacing the name of the standard — a brand, of sorts — in Messages for Android.

March 13

Samsung’s moon photos aren’t completely fake, but this test shows how aggressive the AI is

Smartphone cameras have gotten ridiculously good, but the smaller sensors and minimal space for optics means that these cameras can only be so good. That’s why Samsung’s “Space Zoom” on phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra and its ability to capture the moon is so impressive – and also so suspected of being fake. And […]

February 21

YouTube Music officially launches ‘Create a radio’ on Android and iOS

YouTube Music today officially announced its “Create a radio” feature after it widely rolled out earlier this month on Android and iOS.

February 16

Susan Wojcicki stepping down as YouTube CEO

Longtime Google employee Susan Wojcicki is leaving her role as the CEO of YouTube, with Neal Mohan taking over.

February 15

Google app adding ‘Ads personalization’ shortcut with ‘Privacy & Security’ settings

As part of a broader Material You redesign, the Google app is getting a new shortcut to quickly access “Ads personalization,” which was recently overhauled.

February 24

9to5Google Log Out: Google One has a promising future

Magic Eraser was previously exclusive to the Pixel 6 and 7. Yesterday, the editing feature saw its availability significantly expand to any Google Photos users on Android and iOS that’s subscribed to Google One, including the cheapest plan. There are two ways to look at this move.

February 16

The Google Home app is now the easiest way to control the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync box

The Google Home app has been undergoing a reinvention in over the past year, and one of the best new features is improved control over TV devices. If you happen to own a Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync box, Google Home also just became the best app you can use for quick controls.

March 10

Google TV: The history of Google in the living room, evolution of Android TV, and what’s next

Since its launch in 2020, Google TV has grown to support more products, including some of the world’s biggest TV brands, and it’s doing that on the back of years of development on Google’s part. Let’s take a look at what brought Google TV to where it is today, how it’s actually different from Android […]

February 12

YouTube TV subscribers will get a discount on NFL Sunday Ticket, access launches September 10

NFL Sunday Ticket is coming to YouTube and YouTube TV with the 2023 season, and ahead of that launch, it’s been confirmed there will be “special offers” for TV subscribers, as well as the first date the package will be available.

February 17

Comment: The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP is let down by shutter lag and motion blur Samsung needs to fix

Smartphone cameras have become incredible over the past several years, to the point where even mid-range phones deliver fairly good results. But in our Galaxy S23 Ultra review this week, we called the 200MP camera “disappointing.” Why? Mainly because Samsung’s processing and shutter lag lets it down.

February 6

Ridley Scott directed a short film to show off the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera [Video]

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is Samsung’s first flagship with a 200MP camera, and to show off what it’s capable of, the brand teamed up with director Ridley Scott to produce a short film.

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