November 11

Gmail for Android’s bottom bar is now appearing more often [U]

Back in September, Gmail for Android removed text labels from its core navigation element; this change now makes sense as Google is making the bottom bar more persistent.

November 18

Samsung boasts speedy Android 13 rollout, wants Android 14 to be even faster

Android 13 has rolled out pretty quickly to devices, and Samsung has been pushing its rollout hard over the past couple of weeks. In a press release this week, Samsung is bragging on its speedy rollout, and teasing that it wants next year’s cycle to be even faster.

November 14

Asus will update these devices to Android 13

Asus has confirmed its roadmap and schedule for Android 13 on its various smartphones. Here’s the full schedule.

November 3

Google Voice is one of the first apps adding support for Android’s new image picker

With the release of Android 13, Google debuted a new image picker for Android that’s also available on older versions of the operating system. With a recent update, Google Voice is adding support for that new photo picker.

November 18

These are the best smartwatches for Android users [November 2022]

The smartwatch market for Android has traditionally been a difficult labyrinth of compromise, but things are finally turning around. If you’re looking for the best smartwatch for an Android phone this holiday season, these are your best picks.

November 23

Samsung will update these Galaxy devices to Android 13

After launching on Pixel phones earlier this year, Android 13 is now headed to Samsung Galaxy devices outside of a beta program. Here’s what devices have already received their update, and which ones will probably get it over the coming months.

November 9

Google One for Android gets tablet redesign

Besides announcing Mac and Windows VPN support today, Google One for Android is getting the tablet redesign that was previewed back in May.

November 21

Android 13 fixes Android Auto call issues on Pixel phones; Google still investigating Pixel 7 issues

If you’ve been having issues between Android Auto and Pixel phones, Google might have some good news for you. In an update to its known issues thread, Google says that the Android 13 update on Pixel phones should fix some calling issues when using Android Auto.

November 18

Raspberry Pi can already run Android TV 13 – Chromecast only got Android 12 a few weeks ago

The Raspberry Pi is a super-affordable machine that can handle a ton of different use cases, and now it’s also one of the first devices that you can install Android TV 13 on, though it’s not particularly easy to do.

November 22

Google app adopts navigation rail on Android tablets

Google’s large screen optimization push continues with the Search app adopting a navigation rail on tablets, though it’s clearly early days.

November 25

Here are some of the best gifts for the Android audio enthusiast

Here are some of the best gifts you can buy for the music lovers and audio enthusiasts in your life who prefer Android devices.

November 7

How to install Android 13 on a Samsung Galaxy device

Android 13 is finally making its way to Samsung Galaxy devices en mass. This guide will take you through quickly getting the Android 13 – One UI 5.0 – update installed on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

November 3

Here are the best Mastodon apps to download for Android

With many looking to Mastodon as a potential replacement for their favorite social networks, here are some of the best apps for Mastodon available to download on Android.

November 17

These are the best Android phones you can buy [November 2022]

As Black Friday and holiday deals start arriving, it’s a great time to pick up a new smartphone. If you’re in the market for a new Android phone, these are the best options available as of November 2022.

November 21

How to switch back to taskbar widgets on the Android Auto redesign

Android Auto’s new beta comes with some new tricks up its sleeve, including a new taskbar redesign. Well, what if you don’t really want the new look? This guide will take you through switching back to having media control and Maps taskbar widgets on your Android Auto device.

November 19

Gift Guide: These are the best wireless earbuds for Android in late 2022

Since we’ve moved on from wired buds to Bluetooth, build and audio quality has improved significantly. This year, there are some excellent options that would make just about anyone happy. Here’s our gift guide to the best wireless earbuds of 2022.

November 22

Shazam’s new Android widget lets you stay on the homescreen

Homescreen widgets have seen a new resurgence in the past year with Android 12+, and Shazam has just revamped theirs to be more than just a shortcut that opens the app.

November 14

Android 14 will let the predictive back gesture work inside apps

Android 13 began work on predictive back that reminds you when you’re exiting an app to your homescreen. Google revealed today that predictive back gesture in Android 14 can work within applications and preview the previous screen.

November 17

The Android Auto beta program for testing the redesign is full… again [U]

Android Auto finally released its long-awaited redesign last week, but without room for new users to join in on the fun. Over the past day or so, Google appears to have opened up a few more slots for the Android Auto beta program. Update 11/17: The Android Auto program appears to be full yet again. […]

November 18

These apps support Material You’s themed icons on Android 13

Google debuted the ability to have themed icons on the homescreen in Android 12, designed to help go all-in on Material You theming. Now, in Android 13, third-party apps can get in on the fun of themed icons; here’s an ongoing list of apps that support the functionality.

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