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April 6

Gmail for Android gains delightful swipe action animations

Besides integrating Chat and Rooms with Gmail, Google recently introduced minor yet delightful animations when swiping away emails in the list view on Android.

April 9

April 14

Samsung has updated these phones to Android 11

It usually takes Android OEMs a fair bit to get the latest version of the OS on older devices, but Samsung has been getting better and better at this every year. For Android 11, the official update schedule kicked off in early December and continues to expand. Here’s every device Samsung has updated to Android 11 so far.

April 16

OnePlus has updated these phones to Android 11

OnePlus might have promised the Android 11 update to a number of the firm’s former flagship devices, but just how many have received the latest OS build or when can you expect it to come to your phone?

April 1

Google Maps restores compass when navigating on Android

After initially removing the compass within Maps on Android way back in early 2019, Google has now restored the much-loved feature after fan pressure.

March 29

Lawnchair 11 arrives in Alpha with Android 11 support

After a complete from-the-ground-up rebuild, Lawnchair 11 has arrived in Alpha with support for that latest Android 11 release.

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