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May 11

OnePlus has updated these phones to Android 11

OnePlus might have promised the Android 11 update to a number of the firm’s former flagship devices, but just how many have received the latest OS build or when can you expect it to come to your phone?

May 12

May 13

Poll: Do you own or use an Android tablet?

Android tablets get a bad rep, but sometimes, if you only want a Netflix machine or basic device for viewing videos, they can be pretty darn solid.

Samsung has updated these phones to Android 11

It usually takes Android OEMs a fair bit to get the latest version of the OS on older devices, but Samsung has been getting better and better at this every year. For Android 11, the official update schedule kicked off in early December and continues to expand. Here’s every device Samsung has updated to Android 11 so far.

April 29

OnePlus 6/6T won’t get Android 11 until long after Android 12’s release

If you’re still rocking the 2018-released OnePlus 6 or OnePlus 6T, hopefully you aren’t too excited about the Android 11 release. OnePlus has just confirmed we won’t see its release anytime soon.

May 6

Google redesigns its Android developer website just ahead of I/O 2021

Just a couple of weeks ahead of Google I/O 2021, the company has just redesigned its Android developer website, giving it a fresh coat of paint with new page layouts, colors, and more.

May 10

Nokia Android 11 roadmap pushes back the schedule even further

With Android One and some solid budget devices in tow, Nokia’s revival was promising for the Android world. A couple of years later, however, a cluttered lineup and delayed software updates aren’t exactly putting the brand in the best light. Now, Nokia has announced its latest Android 11 roadmap, which pushes everything back.

April 21

Android 12 DP3: Rounded ‘bubbly’ corners now used with all key UI elements

Android 12 is set to provide some of the most extensive UI tweaks and redesigns, with a wide array of UI elements and menus receiving a larger “bubbly” look in the latest Developer Preview 3.

How to downgrade from Android 12 Developer Preview 3 to Android 11 on Google Pixel [Video]

If you are not content with the most recent Android 12 Developer Preview on your Google Pixel, it’s probably music to your ears knowing that you can downgrade your OS to a stable version of Android 11 if you encounter any major problems.

May 2

Android Auto Wireless expands to the 2022 Honda Civic, but only in ‘Touring’ trim

The Honda Civic is one of the most popular mainstream cars in North America, and soon, it’ll work even better with Android phones. After adopting Android Auto in its 10th generation of the Civic, the 2022 Honda Civic will turn things up a notch with the option of wireless Android Auto, though with a slight catch.

May 3

Clubhouse for Android is coming very soon as beta tests are now underway

Clubhouse has proven a hit on iOS, but as competition mounts for the app, its lack of an Android port has been a real problem. This week, Clubhouse officially announced a beta program for its Android app ahead of an imminent public launch.

This $15 gadget enables fast charging while using wired Android Auto

Android Auto is great for getting maps and music running in your car, but the vast majority of vehicles that support it also limit users to slow charging speeds. Now, one person has come up with a clever way to bring fast charging to essentially any Android Auto user.

May 4

Here’s what our readers think of the Android 12 UI redesign

Recently we asked our readers just what they thought of the upcoming Android 12 UI redesign, and the responses were quite surprising.

May 5

Lenovo teases a new Android tablet with HDMI input for consoles, second display

Android tablets aren’t as relevant as they once were, but Lenovo has done a good job of at least trying to make them serve more than one purpose. After debuting Android tablets that double as Google Assistant speakers last year, Lenovo is apparently preparing to launch another tablet that supports HDMI input.

This is the funniest Android TV announcement you’ll ever watch [Video]

In a year where the pandemic kept every product announcement online and mostly pre-recorded, it’s refreshing to see someone try something different. Earlier today Hisense unveiled its new slate of Android TV models for 2021, and it was by far the most entertaining, funniest tech event in recent memory, thanks in part to Joel McHale.

May 6

Five great GeForce Now PC games you can play on Android

One of the biggest benefits of cloud gaming is versatility, both in where you can play and in the ways you can control your game. With NVIDIA GeForce Now you can just as easily play with a controller as you can with keyboard and mouse, and that includes some great PC games on just about […]

May 7

Google’s new Entertainment Space for tablets builds on Android TV development

On Wednesday, Entertainment Space for Android tablets was announced, and we pointed out the similarities to Google TV. That’s largely due to the fact that Google is leveraging the existing development concept of Android TV channels for the homescreen tablet experience.

May 10

Oppo apparently ‘considering’ four years of Android updates as Vivo commits to three

Long-term Android updates have become a competition for most Android manufacturers nowadays with Samsung of all things leading the charge. To keep up, Vivo and Oppo are both expanding their Android update policies.

May 9

Clubhouse officially arrives on Android in US-only beta ahead of wider rollout

Clubhouse is now officially available in beta on Android, but for now, it remains US-only ahead of a wider global launch and release.

May 5

Best Android app deals of the day: Donut County, Florence, Gorogoa, and more

We are now ready to gather all of today’s best game and app deals courtesy of Google Play and beyond. Deals on Motorola’s latest handsets are now joined by Pixel XL offers in our hardware deal hub, as well as the Razer Junglecat Android Game Controller, but for now it’s time to deal with the software side of things. Highlights of today’s collection include some Annapurna gems like Donut County, Florence, and Gorogoa as well as Mystic Vale, Meganoid, and more. Hit the jump for a complete look at all of today’s best Android game and app deals. 

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