May 25

In this week’s top stories: Huawei has been cut off from a variety of US tech including the Google Play Store, Google draws another sharp comparison between the Pixel 3a and “Phone X,” Android Messages picks up support for the Google Assistant, and more.

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May 22

This week we talk about the Huawei ban and its implications for Huawei and Google, the second generation Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and some new Made by Google devices passing the FCC.

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May 24

The biggest selling point of the latest device from OnePlus is without a doubt its impressive 90Hz display. However, as users have gotten their hands on the OnePlus 7 Pro, some are reporting a “ghost touch” issue that causes random taps on parts of the display.

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May 22

First stable Tor Browser build now available on Android

The first official Tor Browser for Android is now available to download allowing the truly privacy conscious the ability to have a stable build on their mobile devices.

May 21

The OnePlus 7 Pro is many things. A great overall package is one way to describe it. but one area that we’ve seen previous OnePlus devices really struggle in the past is in camera performance. So, has the OnePlus 7 Pro addressed this?

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April 30

Some ‘Avengers: Endgame’ showings had an opportunistic post-credits Huawei P30 advert

Marvel’s latest film, Avengers: Endgame has had fans swarming the theaters since its release last week and many stuck around to see if Marvel threw in a post-credits scene. To their surprise, some found that their theater did have a “scene” after the movie, but it was actually just an advertisement for Huawei’s latest smartphone.

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