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Google Chrome Stories October 1

Chrome testing ‘Journeys’ that auto-group visited sites by topic, Chrome OS Search side panel

Outside of improving the browser’s technical underpinnings, Google has been working to make Chrome easier to use with features like Tab Groups and copy link to highlight. Chrome is now experimenting with a “Journeys” feature and Search side panel.

Google Chrome Stories July 20

Chrome 92 rolling out: Android Toolbar shortcut, more efficient phishing detection, & better site controls

Following version 91’s release on Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux, the next release of Google’s browser is rolling out. Chrome 92 is here with a slew of user-facing security and productivity enhancements.

Google Chrome Stories May 10

Chrome 90 for iPhone and iPad rolling out with trio of search, Dino widgets

Last month, Google released the first Chrome for iOS update since November. However, that version just focused on delivering bug fixes as the company waited for the next major browser milestone to add new features. Chrome 90 for iPhone and iPad is now rolling out with widgets.

Google Chrome Stories July 30, 2016

This week’s top stories: Galaxy Note 7 leaks, hands-on w/ Moto Z & Mods, new apps, & much more

In this week’s top stories: We give you new Galaxy Note 7 details ahead of an official launch, go hands-on w/ Moto Z , Moto Z Force, & Moto Mods, and we get a look at early Android Nougat builds running on the Nexus 6P and Huawei P9. 

Google Chrome Stories August 11, 2011

Chrome OS update brings instant Netflix, Citrix Receiver app, Google Cloud Print, and more to Chromebooks

Some rather nice new updates have begun rolling out to lucky Chromebook/Chrome OS users this week with a number of welcomed features including a 32% faster resume (in most cases), instant Netflix streaming, Amazon’s Kindle Cloud Reader app, Print to Docs with Google Cloud Print, and various business-related features. While the update of course brings […]

Google Chrome Stories May 15, 2013

Live notes, observations from Google’s I/O 2013 keynote

We’re live on the scene from Google’s 2013 I/O keynote, and although the event will be streamed online, we will be providing  live commentary and photos on this page. Among other things, we’re expecting talk of a new Google Maps web interface and perhaps the debut of a Google-made Spotify competitor. The event starts at 9AM […]

Google Chrome Stories May 6, 2014

LG’s Chromebase all-in-one arrives in the US May 26 for $349

Alongside a ton of other Chrome OS related announcements today coming out of the Google/Intel event, LG announced that its previously introduced LG Chromecase desktop computer will hit US stores this month. The company originally announced the Chromebase leading up to CES in January where we got our first look at the 21.5-inch all-in-one running […]

Google Chrome Stories December 24, 2013

The 9to5Google top Chrome, Chrome OS stories of 2013

Google’s Chrome browser and Chrome OS had another banner year in 2013 and with the Chromebook continuing to grow in popularity, 2014 looks to be even better. There’s little question that along with the growth of the Chromebook, Chrome as a web-browser continues to delight users the world over. With a bevy of new features […]

Google Chrome Stories January 3, 2015

Acer announces first 15-inch Chromebook with Core i3 processor, 1080p display

To kick off CES 2015, Acer has announced its first ever 15-inch Chromebook. The 15.6-inch screen makes it the biggest Chromebook released to date, but keeping trend with other Chromebooks on the market, the device is still affordable, starting at $250. Acer’s 15.6-inch Chromebook comes in at a hefty 4.85 pounds, which means you probably […]

Google Chrome Stories May 11, 2011

Last minute rumor: Google to unveil $20 a month Chrome OS notebooks today?

Google I/O Day Two Keynote is set to begin at 9:30 here at the San Francisco’s Moscone West. Yesterday’s was all about Android and today we will learn what’s in store for the Chrome browser and the Chrome operating system for notebooks. According to Forbes, Google will announce a $20 a month hardware subscription option […]

Google Chrome Stories January 13, 2016

Opinion: 8 reasons Chromebooks are beating iPads in education, and what Apple could do about it

Apple for a time led the tech market in education, even making education-specific Mac models. More recently, the company made a big push on iPads, signing a $30M deal (that would eventually have been worth a quarter of a billion dollars) in 2013 to equip every student in the LA Unified School District with an iPad. If that program had […]

Google Chrome Stories January 5, 2016

ASUS’ new Chromebook C202 is hard to break, easy to fix

Over the past couple of years the Chromebook market has really taken off, particularly in education, where kids of all ages are being handed Chrome OS-powered laptops to complete work and research on. Part of the draw is that the platform gives users quick and painless access to commonly-used tools and programs in the cloud. The other part is that they are, mostly, very affordable.

Adding to the range of child-friendly Chromebooks already available is ASUS who, this morning, unveiled a brand new rugged notebook. The C202 has been designed specifically to withstand being dropped and to suffer the kinds of abuse kids often inflict on our gadgets. The entire device is wrapped in a durable rubber bumper, has a spill-proof keyboard and scratch-resistant shell.

As well as having an impact-resistant outer shell, the Chromebook also has a hinge which can be rotated 180-degrees. So, even if a child is a little too enthusiastic in opening it up, the C202 will survive. And if it doesn’t, it happens to be very easy to fix.

ASUS kitted out the Chromebook C202 with a modular body held together by regular screws. Its design means you’ll be able to replace parts like the battery, keyboard and power socket without having to send it to someone who has all the right proprietary screwdrivers.

Spec-wise, there’s nothing eye-watering here, it’s a pretty basic low-end Chromebook. The 11.6-inch resolution display has a resolution of 1,366 x 768 and is powered by an Intel Celeron processor paired with either 2GB or 4GB of RAM, combined with the usual 16GB storage. ASUS states it has 10 hours of battery, which normally means you can expect between 6-9 hours depending on usage. It’s also equipped with an HDMI out port, SD card reader and two USB 3.0 ports.

Pricing for the 4GB model will be between $220 and $230 USD when it launches in February.

Google Chrome Stories June 30, 2015

Chrome for Android soon may show you alt-text when you long-press images

The Android version of Google’s Chrome browser has a neat new feature in it, if you’re willing to use a beta build of the mobile browser.

Now when you long-press on an image in the browser, a new menu will appear which includes the alt-text of the image in question. Alt-text, or alternative text, is a way to describe what an image is of in the HTML of the webpage. This is particularly helpful for those with vision impairments, as screen readers which can read webpages out loud are able to tell them what images on the pages they visit are depicting when alt-text is attached.

This new feature, shared on Google+ by none other than Chrome evangelist François Beaufort, could be useful, for example, when viewing any images with writing on them that have been scanned and posted online, where the text on them may be hard to read. Including what they say in the alt-text would make reading old texts easier. Chrome Beta for Android can be downloaded from Google Play.

Google Chrome Stories June 22, 2011

Samsung Series 5 coming to Europe June 24th, for 399 euros

. Europeans finally itching to get their hands on a new Chromebook can now take a rest easy. While the U.S. has already been graced with these new devices, our friends across the pond haven’t. Samsung has announced that  the Series 5 will be available in Europe June 24th. The Wi-Fi version will run users €399 (£349 […]

Google Chrome Stories June 27, 2011

Acer AC700 Chromebook hits shelves this month for $350

The next Chromebook to run Google’s Chrome OS is the Acer AC700, which will hit shelves this month (4 days left!) for $350 — Acer announced today. The 3G version of this device will not be available when the Wi-Fi version launches, but it will be on its way later this summer. The AC700 is […]

Google Chrome Stories June 30, 2011

Google hooks up with Virgin and Gogo to offer Cloud computing in the clouds

One of the big hurdles to get over when considering Cloud computers is the “What if I am offline” argument –and the number one place people have traditionally been unable to get online is on an airplane. Gogo Wireless a few years ago started putting that to rest and it is almost unthinkable to take […]

Google Chrome Stories May 29, 2012

Google introduces the new Chromebook and Chromebox, available today in US and UK [Video]

Google took to the official Google Blog today to introduce its new Chromebook and Chromebox, two devices we spied earlier this year at CES—complete with an enticing new reel (below). The Mountain View, Calif.-based Company’s Vice President of Engineering and Director of Product Management Linus Upson reminded the world about the launch of Google’s Chromebooks last year, […]

Google Chrome Stories February 6, 2014

Google disrupts the videoconferencing market with $1000 Chromebox for Meetings

Google announced today that ASUS is releasing a new “Chromebox for meetings” that comes bundled with a camera, microphone, and speaker as an all-in-one meeting room solution for using Google+ Hangouts and accessing Google Apps: Chromebox for meetings comes with a blazing-fast Intel Core i7-based Chromebox, a high-definition camera, a combined microphone and speaker unit […]

Google Chrome Stories May 3, 2017

Review: Acer Chromebook 11 N7 is a rugged, affordable laptop for students [Video]

The Acer C731T, otherwise known as the Chromebook 11 N7, is an education-focused laptop targeted towards students with simple needs and an eye for durability. Powered by Chrome OS, it won’t run professional-grade software like Photoshop or After Effects, but it still makes a good companion for those living within Google’s ecosystem.

Google Chrome Stories October 23, 2017

Acer’s aluminum Chromebook 15 (2017) is as good a computer as you can get for under $400

Acer has been selling its Chromebook 15 in a variety of configurations since January of 2015. In fact, they currently list 8 different varieties on the Acer online store and somehow more at Amazon.  There are bare bones versions of the Acer Chromebook 15 for as little at $179 at Walmart, but what we’re here to talk about […]

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