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Stadia Stories November 19

Stadia at 2: All that glitters is not always gold [Video]

Some two years after launch, it’s hard to truly understand where Stadia is as a platform without first recognizing some of the ups and downs along the way.

Stadia Stories September 24

Stadia 3.36 for Android preps voice chat, ‘Instant Trials,’ more

The latest version of Stadia for Android includes continued work toward adding voice chat, “Instant Trials” for Stadia store games, and more.

Stadia Stories September 9

Stadia exec Jack Buser moves to Google Cloud to lead further gaming ambitions

Stadia is losing another member of its original team, as Jack Buser is moving away from Stadia directly and will instead work under Google Cloud.

Stadia Stories September 3

Stadia Changelog: Madden NFL 22 gets college football, Ubisoft+ expands

The past week on Google Stadia saw the surprise debut of ARK: Survival Evolved, but elsewhere, there’s good news for college football fans in EA Madden, as well as updates going around for other titles.

Stadia Stories September 1

ARK: Survival Evolved finally arrives on Google Stadia and it’s a hot mess [Video]

Surprise! Months after it was originally slated to arrive, ARK: Survival Evolved has finally made its way to Google Stadia today, and as promised, it’s a free addition to the Stadia Pro lineup. However, the hotly anticipated title is arriving in a lackluster fashion.

Stadia Stories August 5

Stadia 3.28 preps Assistant & screenshots on third-party controllers, party chat, more

The latest update to Stadia for Android, version 3.28, works toward taking screenshots and accessing Assistant with third-party controllers, joining parties from your phone, and more.

Stadia Stories August 6

Stadia Changelog: Far Cry 5 free weekend, Embr District 3, and Merek’s Market release date

Google is offering up yet another game for free for Stadia this weekend, this time delivering Far Cry 5 for a few days.

Stadia Stories July 30

Stadia Changelog: Get Packed gets Fully Loaded, free weekend games, more

While Stadia only saw one new game release this week, it saw quite a few notable updates, including Get Packed Fully Loaded, which is now available on Stadia and other platforms too.

Stadia Stories July 10

Google TV begins suggesting Stadia games in ‘For you’ tab [Updated]

Owners of the Chromecast with Google TV have begun to see recommendations for Stadia games on the “For you” tab, suggesting deeper integration between the gaming service and Google’s streaming box.

Stadia Stories July 2

Google is focused on bringing Stadia to more devices and TVs, according to job listing

Google has posted a job listing, seeking a Product Manager for Stadia to, among other things, bring the platform to more devices.

Stadia Stories May 13

Stadia is ‘alive and well’ according to Google as co-founder steps up to product lead

2021’s first half has been full of disheartening news for Google Stadia since the closure of Stadia Games & Entertainment (SG&E) earlier this year and most recently with the departure of John Justice earlier this month. Many have questioned the staying power of the product, but according to Google, Stadia is still “alive and well” […]

Stadia Stories April 17

Stadia 3.12 prepares new referral bonuses, exclusive avatar, Google TV details

The latest update to the Stadia app for Android, version 3.12, includes references to new referral bonuses, an exclusive avatar, and continued work on Google TV support.

Stadia Stories October 17, 2019

Stadia will require Wi-Fi to play games at launch, including on Pixels

Last night, Google quietly revealed that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will support Stadia alongside the Pixel 3/3a and new Pixel 4. It has now emerged that Stadia on those phones will require Wi-Fi at launch and not work on mobile networks.

Stadia Stories October 16, 2019

Stadia Controller will not work wirelessly with Pixels and desktops at launch

Google announced yesterday that Stadia is officially launching on November 19th, and revealed a slew of more details. The company also revealed that “wireless play” on the Stadia Controller will only work with the Chromecast Ultra at launch.

Stadia Stories November 18, 2019

How does Google Stadia game streaming work?

Google Stadia is inching every closer to release and the bigwigs at Alphabet are punting it as a literal game changer. So how does Stadia work? If you’re wondering what the deal with Stadia is, we’ll break it down to the basics for you.

Stadia Stories November 17, 2019

Google Stadia adds 10 more games to launch lineup, reveals second Pro title

Less than two days before the launch of Google’s Stadia game streaming service, the launch day lineup has been expanded with ten more games, bringing the total to 22. We also may now know the second game that Stadia Pro members will be able to enjoy for free.

Stadia Stories November 19, 2019

Opinion: Google needs to allay Stadia concerns — its botched launch does the opposite

The initial reviews of Google Stadia are out as of yesterday, and the consensus seems to be that it works pretty well, actually. But that technical accomplishment is overshadowed by the fact that many of the service’s notable feature promises are half-baked, and others just aren’t here yet. This functional Google Stadia beta is only […]

Stadia Stories November 8, 2019

Here’s everything Stadia won’t be able to do at launch

As we near Stadia’s imminent launch, more is becoming clear about how it will work and what we can expect on the first day. Yesterday saw the release of the Stadia mobile app on the Play Store, and since then we’ve been digging into it for info on the highly anticipated cloud gaming platform. Google […]

Stadia Stories March 20, 2019

Google Stadia announcement tidbits: 15mbps connection, Chromecast details, pricing timeline, more

Yesterday Google officially revealed Stadia to the world, the company’s big game streaming project. Impressive is almost an understatement when looking at Google’s ambitious new product, and that’s before we even get pricing details or a list of games. There are still some details to be learned from the initial hands-on coverage, though. Here are […]

Stadia Stories October 9, 2019

Google Stadia could be ‘faster than local hardware’ by predicting player actions

Google Stadia is set to launch in about a month at this point and we’re still learning what Google has planned post-launch. According to a Stadia VP, Google’s service will eventually be “faster” than a traditional gaming console by predicting button presses.

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