July 13

As Google doubles downs on consumer hardware with the Pixel and Home, in-house chip development becomes increasingly important in order to own the entire stack and create an optimized experience. Those efforts might’ve taken a blow recently as Facebook poached an important Googler working on chips.

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July 2

Facebook to shutter three of its mobile applications, including ‘Moves’ fitness tracking

In a blog post this afternoon, Facebook announced that it is shutting down three of its ancillary applications: Hello, Moves, and Tbh. The latter two were acquired by Facebook, while Hello was a first-party, Android-only app during its lifespan.

Google has been testing smart replies in a lot of different ways recently, and now after some teardowns revealed the functionality coming to Gboard, the company is testing it out with some popular messaging apps…

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Deal: Get Pixelbook at 25% off: $750!

June 23

Amid a growing push towards improved digital health, Facebook is seemingly testing a new tool that would show users how long they spend on the platform per day. As reported by TechCrunch, the “Your Time on Facebook” feature was discovered in an unreleased version of the Facebook mobile app, with the company confirming the feature’s development…

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June 21

Accessing some Facebook groups could soon cost you money

Access to Facebook groups has always been free, but that could be about to change. The company is currently trialling subscription access to some groups …

June 19

Facebook to begin rolling out autoplay video ads to Messenger users

Facebook is rolling out a controversial change to its popular Messenger application. As reported by Quartz, Facebook is beginning to test autoplaying video ads in Messenger, a move that isn’t likely to be well-received by users…

May 30

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has continued to defend the unpopular redesign of the Snapchat app, despite the billion dollars it wiped off the company’s market value.

He has also taken the opportunity of speaking at Re/code’s Code conference to take a couple of digs at Facebook

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May 24

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was widely criticized yesterday for failing to answer many of the questions put to him by the European Parliament.

He promised written answers to these, and some have been provided, but more than half of the unanswered questions remain so …

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May 23

Facebook streamlines two-factor setup, adds support for home services to Marketplace

Facebook has today announced a pair of new features for its platform. The company is rolling out support for finding home service professionals via its Marketplace platform and is also making two-factor authentication easier to set up.

With the European Parliament having passed some extremely tough privacy legislation, and many members being well-versed in the issues as they relate to tech companies, there were high hopes for yesterday’s grilling of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Tough and pertinent questions were indeed asked, far more so than in Congress – but Zuckerberg failed to answer more than 40 of them …

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May 22

How to watch today’s livestream of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s European grilling

If you enjoyed watching Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg squirming while being asked difficult questions and trying to keep a straight face while being asked stupid ones during his testimony to Congress, you might want to tune in to the sequel today …

May 21

Call for Facebook to be broken up as EU says it will livestream Zuckerberg’s testimony

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress was the video stream that launched a thousand memes – and now meme creators will get another opportunity. The European Parliament has announced that its meeting with Zuckerberg tomorrow will also be livestreamed …

May 14

Facebook suspends 200 apps in data misuse investigation, says they may not be guilty

Facebook has suspended around 200 apps as part of the internal investigation prompted by data misuse by Cambridge Analytica …

May 8

Twitter appears to be working on supporting encrypted direct messages, with a feature currently labelled Secret Conversations. A computer science student spotted code which supports the use of end-to-end encryption …

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May 3

Cambridge Analytica filing for bankruptcy after Facebook scandal, but may re-emerge

Facebook may have taken a huge PR hit from allowing personal data to be misused by Cambridge Analytica, but the impact on the political consultancy itself appears to have been more significant. The firm says that it has ceased most operations, and is filing for bankruptcy …

April 30

WhatsApp cofounder to leave Facebook amid growing differences over data sharing

WhatsApp cofounder Jan Koum announced today that he will be leaving the company. While Koum himself doesn’t elaborate on reasoning for the departure, a report from The Washington Post indicates that the decision comes amid growing discord with WhatsApp parent company, Facebook…

April 25

Facebook apps to be banned from posting to your profile, in two stages

Facebook continues to tighten security after the Cambridge Analytica saga. After recently explaining how it will comply with new privacy laws, it is now taking steps to stop apps posting to your profile …

April 20

An audit of Facebook’s privacy protections conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) gave the company the all-clear despite the fact that Facebook was already aware of the Cambridge Analytica problem at the time …

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April 18

Bloomberg: Facebook to design its own processors for smart speakers & more

Amid ongoing privacy concerns, Facebook is said to be forming a team to design its own hardware chips. According to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook is looking to build its own processors to reduce dependency on companies such as Qualcomm and Intel…

The European Union’s new privacy regulations – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – come into force next month, and Facebook has now provided details of how it will comply. This includes asking for permission to use face-recognition.

It reveals that those in Europe will get the earliest and strongest privacy protections, with a weaker version rolling out in the US and elsewhere at a later date …

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