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November 8

Nest Hub bug pauses all media in home when viewing camera feed [Update: Fixed]

Owners of the original Nest Hub have spotted a bug that pauses all media playing in their home while a Nest Camera feed is playing.

October 8

Google’s Fuchsia is expanding to ‘additional smart devices and other form factors’

According to new job listings, Google is looking to expand the Fuchsia operating system from its current home on the Nest Hub to “additional smart devices and other form factors.”

October 21

Google gives the Nest Hub Max an ‘app’ launcher [Update: 2nd-gen Hub]

In October 2020, a big Smart Display redesign that brought more interactivity, as well as a dark theme, widely rolled out. Google is now introducing an “app” – though it’s more akin to shortcuts – launcher on the Nest Hub Max.

September 22

Discord starts testing YouTube integration w/ ‘Watch Together’ feature after third-party bots die

Discord users may soon get access to a new feature that officially brings YouTube integration to the chat platform and allows users to watch videos together.

September 8

Google may release Android 12.1 as its first mid-cycle launch in years

Breaking from the recent yearly release cadence, the next version of Android to release might be a mid-cycle bump — an “Android 12.1,” if you will — rather than Android 13.

September 6

Google Home app gains ‘Air Quality’ setting as Nest Hub AQI starts appearing

Last month, Google announced that the Nest Hub would start showing Air Quality (AQI) information in the US. Many are now seeing a new setting in the Google Home app, though the actual reading is not yet widely rolled out on Smart Displays.

August 23

Google Chrome will let you save Tab Groups so you don’t have to keep recreating them

One of the most useful new features added to Chrome in quite some time is Tab Groups, but it can get a bit tedious recreating them on a regular basis. To solve that, Google is working on the ability to save Tab Groups to Chrome for later use.

August 22

Nest Hub Max browser adds ‘read aloud’ TTS as Assistant can now ‘open’ sites directly

Back in June, the built-in browser found on Assistant Smart Display became more feature-rich. Another update to the Nest Hub browser will read articles aloud to you (TTS), just like on Android, while it’s now easier to open websites. 

August 17

Google Fuchsia update is rolling out widely to 1st-gen Nest Hubs

More owners of the first-generation Nest Hub are receiving the update to Google’s Fuchsia operating system as it expands beyond the Preview program.

August 21

This week’s top stories: Chrome incognito redesign, Pixel 5a reviewed, Android Auto wireless dongle, more

In this week’s top stories: Google Chrome redesigns its Incognito landing page, Pixel 5a hits reviewers hands, Android Auto wireless dongle seeks crowdfunding, and more.

August 18

Legoland equips all of its California and New York hotel rooms with a Nest Hub

Last August, Google announced that it was optimizing Smart Displays for use in hotel rooms to provide hands-free help and control. One such large-scale deployment of Nest Hubs is now live at Legoland sites in California and New York.

August 16

Google Chrome is redesigning the Incognito tab, possibly in response to $5 billion lawsuit

Some sort of “private mode” is a standard feature of any browser now, and with Google Chrome, it’s called “Incognito” browsing. With some new updates, though, Google is updating the look of this useful feature.

August 11

Google prominently adding Air Quality (AQI) info to Nest Hub, Hub Max in the US

Smart Displays are very useful for checking the weather at a glance and Google is now showing air quality index (AQI) on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max directly in the Photo Frame/”Ambient screen.” 

August 12

Chrome for Android will soon support locking Incognito tabs behind your lock/biometrics

Incognito mode on the Chrome browser can prove useful for a variety of reasons, and on Android, it may soon be picking up the ability to lock your tabs behind another layer of privacy.

August 6

Google working to bring the full Chrome browser to Fuchsia OS

Every good operating system needs a web browser, especially as more and more apps move to the web. To that end, Google is preparing to bring the full Google Chrome browser experience to Fuchsia OS.

August 3

Google Store leaks ‘Nest Doorbell,’ new ‘Nest Cam (battery)’ and two other models

At the start of this year, Google said it would release a new security camera lineup in 2021. A leak, courtesy of the Google Store, this afternoon reveals a “Nest Doorbell” and trio of new Nest Cam models.

July 23

Two Googlers offer a tour and coding demo of Fuchsia OS [Video]

Despite having officially launched earlier this year, there’s still quite a bit of mystery around Google’s next operating system, Fuchsia. To help explain the most important details, two Googlers have shared a video tour and Q&A with much of what you might want to know about Fuchsia OS.

July 14

Some Nest Hub screens turning purple after Fuchsia update; here’s how to fix

Since late May, Fuchsia has been rolling out to Google’s first-generation Assistant Smart Display. More Nest Hubs are receiving the Fuchsia OS update now, and some users are seeing their screens go purple, but there’s, fortunately, a quick fix.

July 17

This week’s top stories: Pixel 6 & 6 Pro differences, Galaxy Watch 4 Amazon leak, Android 12 Beta 3, more

In this week’s top stories: Google Camera app points to some more differences between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, official Galaxy Watch 4 specs and images appear on Amazon, Android 12 Beta 3 releases for Pixel phones, and more.

July 9

Fuchsia OS jigsaw puzzle appeared on eBay, pointing to ‘new brand system’

A commemorative jigsaw puzzle for the Fuchsia OS development team appeared on eBay, pointing to a “new brand system” for the project.

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