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July 8

Google opens official Discord server for Fuchsia OS developers and enthusiasts

Back in December, Google opened the Fuchsia project to contributions from developers outside of Google. Thanks to a new official Discord server, developers and enthusiasts have a place to gather and discuss Fuchsia OS.

July 6

Google Doodle honors Ángela Peralta, Mexican opera singer

Google has replaced their homepage logo with a Doodle celebrating the birthday of Ángela Peralta, an internationally recognized opera singer once dubbed “Mexican Nightingale.”

July 9

Unlocked Pixel 5 and 4a 5G out of stock on the US Google Store, Fi [Updated]

Compared to previous generations, the rollout of Google’s 2020 phone lineup was much more staggered given world events. Pixel 5 and 4a 5G stock on the US Google Store is now fluctuating in a sign that supply might be limited or nearing the end.

July 7

US states file lawsuit over requirement that apps in Play Store must use Google IAP billing system

In the US, Google is already subject to advertising and Search complaints. Several US states are now targeting the Google Play Store in a new antitrust lawsuit.

Latest Pixel ads focus on Call Screen, Titan M, and 48-hour battery life

Google’s recent advertisements for Pixel phones have been somewhat all over the place. Continuing that trend, the company today released a trio of short ads that focus on one feature each of “The Google Pixel.”

June 26

Google Doodle honors Tommy Kono, Olympic weightlifter

With the Olympics just under a month away, Google has replaced its homepage logo with a Doodle celebrating Tommy Kono, a Japanese-American weightlifter and Olympic gold medalist.

July 12

Google mentions, then quickly removes ‘Pixel 6’ and ‘Pixel 6 XL’ from official form

Google has mentioned their flagship phones for 2021 in an official Android developer form, calling them the “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 XL.”

July 19

Google replacing classic Hangouts with Chat for more Workspace users ahead of enterprise shutdown

Google has a multi-stage plan to shut down classic Hangouts and move enterprise Workspace customers to Chat. This latest step in advancing Google Chat adoption takes place next month.

July 9

Fuchsia OS jigsaw puzzle appeared on eBay, pointing to ‘new brand system’

A commemorative jigsaw puzzle for the Fuchsia OS development team appeared on eBay, pointing to a “new brand system” for the project.

July 2

Google TV adds FuboTV to its growing list of supported streaming services

Live TV streaming services are incredibly popular nowadays, and one of the better options out there is FuboTV. The service has been supported on Android TV for a while now, but this week, support has quietly been extended to allow Google TV to better integrate with FuboTV’s library.

July 14

Google Camera 8.3 arrives with Material You colors and tweaks

The latest Android 12 Beta for Pixels includes an update to Google Camera 8.3, which now supports Material You colors with some UI tweaks to match.

July 10

Google promoting Lens with online ads in clear awareness ramp-up

Lens will be an important part of Google’s augmented reality future, but it’s one of the harder products to get people to continually use. That’s not due to a lack of trying on the company’s part, but the latest effort takes the form of straightforward online ads for Google Lens. 

July 9

5 reasons to choose the Chromecast with Google TV as your next streamer [Video]

The Chromecast with Google TV has quickly become one of the best streamers on the market by virtue of the new and improved interface, but it also has some darn good features and reasons to have one at the heart of your home entertainment system.

July 7

Google Meet adds filters & fun masks for personal Gmail calls, just like Duo

For the past year or so, Google has primarily focused on catering towards the enterprise video calling market to beat Zoom. Google Meet is now making a push for personal users with a set of fun effects, like filters and masks.

July 19

Google modernizing Workspace Status Dashboard, improving outage alerts for admins

Downtime among Google’s largest services is typically rare, but it does occur from time to time. Google is now updating the Workspace Status Dashboard and other tools that admins can use to keep track of outages.

July 13

Google Messages rolling out unified emoji, GIF, and sticker picker with search [Updated]

There are many ways to enter emoji and other expressive media, with most messaging apps offering their own experience. Google Messages is now redesigning its emoji and GIF picker while simplifying entry.

July 14

[Update: iOS] You can now set different or blurred backgrounds in Google Meet for Android

In addition to video backgrounds on the web, Google is rolling out the ability to change your background in Meet for Android today. This feature is initially limited to pre-selected defaults and first came to desktops last October.

July 1

Google’s Fuchsia OS is getting a new logo

A new trademark filing reveals that Google’s recently released Fuchsia OS is getting a new yet still familiar-looking logo.

July 12

Files by Google beta offers early look at Material You redesign

Google is launching its “Material You” design language later this year, but ahead of that, the Files by Google app has gotten a noticeable redesign with Material You elements.

July 4

Google TV integrates with over 30 streaming services, here’s the full list [U]

Perhaps the most useful thing about the new Google TV platform is the ability to aggregate and organize content from a variety of different sources. Which ones, though? Here’s a full list of streaming services that Google TV supports at launch.

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