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October 13

Google announces Meet video calling on Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Over the past few months, Google has aggressively pushed its latest video conferencing service to new platforms from Smart Displays to Chromecast. Google Meet is now available for Glass Enterprise Edition 2 in beta.

October 5

World Teachers’ Day 2020 celebrated in re-released Google Doodle

Teachers’ Day is a special celebration that varies from country to country but for millions of global teachers, that day is often October 5th. To mark the annual appreciation of our educators Google has re-released a special Doodle to honor their contribution to current and future generations.

October 19

Google discontinues Nest Secure alarm system with no replacement in sight

Google’s Nest lineup is best known for its various cameras, but it also includes speakers, smart displays, and an alarm system. Or, at least it did. Pretty much out of nowhere, Google has officially discontinued the Nest Secure alarm system.

September 25

Alleged Google Pixel 5 (or 4a 5G) prototype shows a bizarre scrapped design

Google’s Pixel 5 is set to arrive next week on September 30th and, thanks to a dump of leaks, we pretty much know everything there is to know about this device. Now, an alleged Pixel 5 prototype has appeared online, showing a design that we’re frankly pretty glad Google decided to toss in the trash — if it was ever real, that is.

October 20

Google Photos gets $6.99/month auto ‘premium print series’ and Walgreens printing

At the start of this year, we reported that Google Photos was trialing a subscription where your best pictures get automatically printed monthly. The premium print series is now official and rolling out soon, while Google Photos is also expanding its other physical offerings.

October 21

Acer’s Chromebook Spin 513 is the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c-powered Chrome OS device

The vast majority of Chrome OS devices today are powered by Intel chipsets today. Acer is breaking that mold today with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c-powered Chromebook Spin 513. 

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