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glass Stories July 16, 2013

Support for Google Glass appears in redesigned Play Store

The Verge noted that Twitter user Nicolas Gramlich spotted one more change to the redesigned web version of the Play Store: support for Google Glass apps. Google’s updated Play Store includes mention of Glass, implying that the company’s headset will be managed through the store soon. Users who have linked Glass with their Google account have been seeing […]

Cool demo of how augmented reality could look on Google Glass

It’s not the best video in the world in terms of production values, but the techniques being demonstrated are pretty cool. For example, asking Glass the height of the Washington Monument when looking at it and being shown a visual scale overlayed on the real thing, translation of a sign on a sidewalk and overlaying […]

glass Stories July 17, 2013

GlassUp aims to offer low-cost Google Glass alternative from $299

With Google Glass potentially getting closer to public release, the number of companies offering cheaper alternatives is likely to increase. The latest is GlassUp, an Indiegogo project promising options from a claimed $299 – though that’s without a key feature: the camera. With a camera, the price is $399 for plain glass or $499 with prescription glass.

The catch with all these low-end devices is two-fold. First, the device itself is essentially just a remote display for a smartphone app. You’ll need a Bluetooth connection to an app running on your Android or iOS device. Second, it won’t run apps designed for Google Glass, only apps written specifically for GlassUp. While the developers are making APIs available, whether third-party developers choose to create apps for it is in the lap of the gods: you could end up with a device that does little more than display incoming messages.

The display also appears to be right in your field of vision, rather than the more discreet ‘corner’ used by the real thing. Given that messages pop up when they arrive, that could potentially be irritating or distracting.

Our advice, as with other alternatives, would be to wait a while: there’s going to be a lot of competition in this market.

Google Glass could have been hijacked by a simple QR code (vulnerability now fixed)

New technologies, new hacks … AllThingsD reported an illustration by Lookout Security showing how something as simple as placing a QR code on a poster could enable an attacker to take control of Google Glass.

Basically, since Glass allows users to connect to Wi-Fi by taking a picture of a QR code, it’s possible that someone could trick a Glass wearer to unwittingly join an access point that allowed someone else to remotely control Glass and to stream the display via Bluetooth.

The vulnerability has now been fixed.

glass Stories July 22, 2013

Job listing suggests Motorola getting more serious about wearables

A job listing spotted by TechCrunch suggests that Google-owned Motorola Mobility is stepping up its work on wearable computing, seeking a senior director of industrial design for wearables.

Motorola is no stranger to wearable devices, with eyewear dating back to Windows CE. A fitness-orientated smartwatch called MotoActv (above) launched last year got good reviews but had limited commercial success, likely because low-key marketing meant many didn’t even know it existed. It was essentially a full-on Android device on the wrist, with Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone and ANT+ communication with fitness sensors like heart-rate monitors and bicycle cadence meters.

Motorola Solutions also has the HC1, a kind of cyborg-styled Google Glass equivalent aimed at the enterprise and public service sector. For police applications, Motorola suggested that the device could be equipped with both facial-recognition software and automated license plate recognition, displaying any reports on both vehicle and owner.

Given that the same functionality would be possible in the much less obtrusive package of Glass, it will be interesting to see whether that particular project survives – and, indeed, how Google sees the role of Motorola more generally in the wearables arena.

Google gears up for public Glass launch with investment in chipmaker Himax

In another sign that Google is gearing up for the public launch of Google Glass, Reuters reports that the company has taken a stake in Taiwanese chipmaker Himax, a specialist in display driver chips with particular expertise in controllers for LCOS micro-displays used in head-mounted displays. Google Inc will take a 6.3 percent stake in the […]

Lost in the woods with Google Glass … the world’s cheesiest video

[protected-iframe id=”1855af32ca449c293a327f6cdc8b79d8-22427743-8994189″ info=”” width=”512″ height=”288″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

We know they’re trying to give a sense of the range of different things you can do with Glass in an entertaining way, but this WSJ video has to be one of the cheesiest out there. Jump to two minutes in (after the mandatory ad) to skip the cringeworthy ‘kidnapping’ …

glass Stories July 23, 2013

…and now there is a Google Glass porno: ‘I’d tap that Glass’

You knew it was heading our way: Google Glass porn is now here and boy will Google be happy. For the details head over to [ooyala code=”90aWlpZDqumgU7y5TOUNjEPfcOUMXTqP” player_id=”null”] NSFW NSFW NSFW Below the fold.

glass Stories August 1, 2013

UK to ban wearing Google Glass while driving

Google Glass seems to be setting new records in the number of prohibitions of a product that hasn’t yet been officially launched. After being banned everywhere from bars to workplaces, Stuff reports that the British government has announced plans to make it illegal to wear Glass while driving. A Department for Transport (DfT) spokesman told Stuff: “We […]

glass Stories March 26, 2013

Google sending out invites to Glass Explorer program over next few days

Google announced today in a post on Google+ that the results from its #ifihadglass contest are in and the winners will be contacted with invitations to the Google Glass Explorer program over the next few days.

We could never have imagined such an enthusiastic response! There were so many creative, diverse, and (sometimes) crazy applications. We’ve certainly learned a lot through this whole process and it’s inspiring to hear how much passion there is for Glass.

Google didn’t mention availability for those who signed up for the $1,500 Explorer Edition at last year’s Google I/O, but we’ll likely hear more on availability for others with invitations going out to contest winners in the near future.

Google noted in today’s post that it currently isn’t offering the Explorer Program to businesses, but it will work “on connecting with businesses in other ways.” Those who received an invitation to the Explorer program will be able to pick up their Glass at one of several events planned for later this year in New York, San Fran, and L.A. Invitations will be announced through @projectglass on Twitter and +Project Glass on Google+.

glass Stories March 27, 2013

Google reportedly set to assemble Google Glass in California, make a ‘few thousand’ in coming weeks

Google Glass is set to manufacture its much hyped Google Glass wearable platform right at home in the United States, according to a new report from The Financial Times. Citing a source close to the project, FT said Google has partnered with Foxconn to assemble the headsets on home soil in Santa Clara, Calif. Google […]

glass Stories April 10, 2013

Japanese billionaire claims to own a patent on a Google Glass feature

Japanese billionaire  and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son claims to have already patented automated translation on a Google Glass type device. It’s probably one of thousands of such claims, but Engadget notes that the entrepreneur did start out by selling a translation patent to sharp for $1 million …

Glass Explorer Edition set to ship next month as Google announces “Glass Collective” seed fund

When we heard reports late last month that Google might be planning to assemble its Google Glass headsets in the US, we also heard the company was preparing to make a ‘few thousand’ units of its Explorer Edition for contest winners and others receiving the opportunity to purchase the $1500 hardware. Today we get a […]

glass Stories April 14, 2013

Where on Earth will you use Google Glass?

Like many people, I was intrigued by the recent edict from a Seattle bar banning the not-yet-for-sale, action-cam-equipped Google Glass wearable computer, citing privacy concerns. However, while this article originally intended to highlight other potential locations and situations where Glass will be frowned upon, after speaking with a few colleagues, it became clear that the […]

glass Stories April 15, 2013

Google Glass now shipping to Explorers

Wow Google Glass is finally shipping?! Like imminently based on this email? — Brian Klug (@nerdtalker) April 15, 2013 It appears that Google Glass Explorers should soon be getting their Glass units. AnandTech’s Brian Klug got the following announcement.

It looks like Google is really doing this Glass thing. Mother-load of info including APIs and SDK released

Google just released the mother-load of information on Google Glass including an API, hardware specs (yuk yuk) and FAQs and much more.  Developers, Dive in.

Google Glass tech specs: 5MP/720P camera, 802.11b/g Wifi 16GB storage (12GB usable), full day battery

Along with today’s Glass API release, Google now officially announced specs for the Glass Explorer editions. Notable is the camera which will take 5 Megapixel images or 720P video. The 16GB of storage (12GB usable) is a lot for such a small object (same as a base model iPad) but not a huge feat noting that […]

glass Stories April 4, 2013

Google posts Glass developer session from SXSW (Video)

We got the bits before from the SXSW conference, but here’s the whole video.

Google revealed some third-party (and first-party if you include Gmail) apps for Google Glass at SXSW today. As you can see in the demos, the companies have really thought about the apps people will use on their head and Google has been thoughtful about the way they are going to interact.

glass Stories April 9, 2013

Cool graphic illustrates how Google Glass works

A German artist, Martin Missfeldt, has created a cool graphic showing exactly how Google Glass works, projecting data through a prism and focusing it directly on the retina to overlay the scene in front of you. Click through for the full graphic …

glass Stories February 21, 2013

Patent diagrams of Google Glass show a new, detailed view

A United States Patent Application filling from today revealed three detailed diagrams of Google Glass. Google announced yesterday that it would open applications, asking people to answer the question “If I had Glass”. A Google-approved, answer along with $1,500, will score you a set of the futuristic glasses this year. The new diagrams, along with […]

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