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Google Assistant Stories October 12

Assistant Driving Mode adds Bluetooth auto-launch as old Android Auto disappears for more users

With Android 12, the “Android Auto for Phone Screens” experience is going away in favor of Google Assistant. That transition is happening for more users as of late, while Assistant Driving Mode can now auto-launch when it connects to your vehicle’s Bluetooth.

Google Assistant Stories October 9

You can now ask Google Assistant for the UV Index on Android, iOS, and Nest Hub

UV Index data was added to the Wear OS Weather app back in April. Sometime in the past few months – if not weeks – Google Assistant started showing UV Index across all its platforms.

Google Assistant Stories October 6

Pixel 6 looks to debut the Gboard ‘Assistant voice typing’ experience first demoed at I/O 2019

From November of last year to the first few months of 2021, Gboard tested “enhanced voice typing” on Pixel phones with the new Google Assistant. It was a rather wide beta that fulfilled the promise of what was shown off at I/O 2019. The capability was unceremoniously pulled, but “Assistant voice typing” looks to be […]

[Update: Gone] New Google Assistant on Pixel reverts back to original translucent design

At the start of August, the new Google Assistant lost its translucent/transparent UI. The original NGA design is back today on Pixel phones, though it’s not clear whether the look is here to stay.

Google Assistant Stories September 12

Assistant Driving Mode updated with homescreen promised at Google I/O 2019

Assistant Driving Mode was announced at I/O 2019 to replace Android Auto on phones. It was supposed to launch that summer but was delayed, and is now happening with Android 12. Ahead of that, the homescreen UI unveiled over two years ago is finally appearing in Assistant Driving Mode.

Google Assistant Stories September 26

Google Assistant losing Issa Rae ‘Cameo Voice’ next week

In October of 2019, Google Assistant introduced an Issa Rae voice that responds to a subset of common queries, like the weather. Just shy of two years later, at the end of this month, the cameo will stop working.

Google Assistant Stories September 23

Assistant Driving Mode ‘Dashboard’ getting Bluetooth auto-launch & wide availability soon

Back in November, Assistant Driving Mode started rolling out as part of Google Maps. Google today is making official the new “dashboard” experience coming to Driving Mode, while the Assistant capability is set to get wider availability and a new way to launch.

Google Assistant Stories September 13

Google directly offering some Assistant users a ‘Special Discount’ on the Home Mini

Despite being almost four years old and having a successor, the Google Home Mini is still on sale. One measure to get rid of them is a “Google Assistant Special Discount” where you can get a Home Mini for $9.99.

Google Assistant Stories June 17

Google Assistant ‘Live Space’ is a major ‘At a Glance’ upgrade for Android 12 and Material You

One of the key aspects of the Pixel Launcher experience is “At A Glance,” which has seen a handful of weather-related tweaks in recent months. Google is now planning to overhaul the capability into “Live Space” and better integrate it on with Assistant on Pixel phones running Android 12.

Google Assistant Stories May 18

‘LaMDA’ is the next breakthrough of Google’s natural language understanding

Google Assistant is pretty much the name of the game when it comes to understanding natural language, and if Google’s latest breakthrough is any indication, the future is even brighter, thanks to “LaMDA.”

Android widgets can appear in Assistant as Google looks at surfacing in Android Auto

Widgets are already getting a big visual revamp as part of Material You and Android 12. Google is now bringing widgets to Assistant and considering driving-optimized ones for Android Auto.

Google Assistant Stories May 13

Google Assistant adds ‘Your apps’ settings menu for Android

Back in October, Google made a big push to integrate and let you control Android apps with Assistant. That drive should continue at I/O next week, and ahead of that, there’s a new Google Assistant “Your apps” settings menu.

Nokia 2720 V Flip phone coming to US with Google Assistant, Verizon LTE hotspot

In working to expand availability around the world, Google, over the years, has brought Assistant to feature phones. Nokia is now launching the 2720 V Flip phone with Google Assistant in the US on Verizon’s 4G network.

Google Assistant Stories May 11

Google Assistant gets renamed ‘Communication’ settings as new Family Broadcast rolls out

Last week, Google announced that Assistant Family Broadcasts from Smart Displays and speakers can now appear on phones. That feature is widely rolled out today along with a renamed “Communication” menu in Google Assistant settings.

Google Assistant Stories April 6

Google appoints new Assistant, News/Discover, Search, and Payments/NBU leads

In June, Google appointed one senior vice president to oversee Search, Ads, and other big products. Prabhakar Raghavan today named new executives to lead Google Assistant and a handful of other teams.

Google Assistant Stories May 18, 2016

Google Assistant is a two-way conversational personal assistant for all your devices

The first announcement of I/O 2016 is Google Assistant. It is a conversational assistant that Googles hopes users will have a continual two way dialogue with. Sundar Pichai hopes to build “each user their own individual Google”.

Allo is Google’s new messaging app with Assistant built right in, expressive features, and more

Update: Allo’s Play Store listing offers the ability to preregister to get notified when the app is available for download. Next up at I/O this year are two new communication apps that integration Google’s services and AI. The first is called Allo and has the Google Assistant built-in right into the app. In addition to integrating Google’s services, it […]

Google Assistant Stories May 19, 2016

Google’s Awareness API lets devs build context aware apps that intelligently respond to situations

Update 6/27: The Google Awareness API is now available to all developers as part of Play Services 9.2. Using seven types of context, apps can intelligently react to what users are doing. The Snapshot API lets developers request information about the user’s current context, while the Fence API lets an app react to changes in a user’s context. Google worked […]

Google Assistant Stories September 30, 2016

Google Home will be followed by a slew of Assistant-powered third party hardware, report says

Remember the Chromecast? Yes, of course you do. Google’s highly successful $35 dongle has been a hit among consumers, but its virtues may expand far beyond that. According to an exclusive Variety report, in fact, it may well have proved to be a proper Trojan horse for Google, who’s now seeking partners’ attention to build […]

Google Assistant Stories September 23, 2016

Google Home will apparently sell for $129, 4K ‘Chromecast Ultra’ for $69

Google is set to debut a lot of new hardware at its October 4th event including new smartphones, a recently revealed WiFi router, and two other products we’re looking forward to: Google Home and the refreshed 4K Chromecast. As the event nears, we’re hearing more details on these products, and now we have pricing (via Android Police) for […]

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