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Wear OS Stories August 11

Galaxy Watch 4 debuts Wear OS 3 from $249 w/ Classic model, 40-hour battery life

Following its reveal at Google I/O earlier this year, Wear OS 3 is officially making its debut today with the return of a major name. Samsung is launching the Galaxy Watch 4 series on Wear OS. Here’s what you need to know.

Third-party Wear OS apps can start releasing custom Tiles

Amid the flurry of other wearable announcements, Google today informed third-party developers that they can start releasing Tiles for their Wear OS apps.

Wear OS Stories July 22

Google reveals ‘opt-in’ Wear OS 3 update path for current watches, starting in mid-2022

At I/O 2021 in May, Google announced a total overhaul of its wearable platform. We’ve since seen the new OS previewed on an emulator, while Samsung has confirmed that the new Galaxy Watch will be the first to run it. Many questions remain about Wear OS 3, and Google today addressed the update situation for […]

Wear OS Stories July 4

Google rolling out on-watch Play Store redesign with Wear OS 3.0 UI changes for some

Google is readying a major overhaul of its smartwatch platform and provided an emulator “preview” of the underlying UI changes at I/O 2021. A Wear OS 3.0 redesign of the on-wearable Google Play Store is now beginning to roll out.

Wear OS Stories June 28

Here’s a first look at Samsung’s version of Wear OS, ‘One UI Watch’ [Video]

Rumors have been around for quite some time regarding Samsung’s switch from Tizen to Google’s Wear OS, and in May, those rumors were confirmed when Google announced the platform’s revamp, and Samsung confirmed it was both adopting it and helping bring it to life. Today, Samsung is showing off its Wear OS experience, “One UI […]

Wear OS Stories June 17

Qualcomm says that its chips are ‘capable’ of running new Wear OS, Google reiterates nothing is confirmed yet [U]

Following its I/O 2021 announcement, there’s a lot of excitement around Google’s revamped Wear OS update set to be released in the fall, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds for products currently on the market. This week, though, Qualcomm is claiming that not only its newer Snapdragon 4100 chips, […]

Wear OS Stories June 10

No, Mobvoi hasn’t confirmed the ‘Wear OS 3.0’ update for TicWatch Pro 3

After years of neglect, Google finally gave Wear OS some proper attention at I/O with a promising new update set to be released this fall. Upgrade paths, though, are still unclear for current devices. Despite some speculation this week, though, the TicWatch Pro 3 is not confirmed to get the “Wear OS 3.0” update.

Wear OS Stories June 5

Fossil says new Wear OS won’t come to current watches, launching ‘premium’ Gen 6 this fall

For the past few years, Fossil has been the biggest Wear OS maker, given how various brands use the same underlying platform. In an interview today, Fossil revealed it was making a premium Gen 6 device leveraging the new Wear OS this fall.

Wear OS Stories May 24

Here’s just how many of our readers said they’d buy a Wear OS watch

After big announcements for Wear OS at Google I/O 2021, the mobile platform could be set for a big 18 months. Because Google announced some big things, including a merging of Samsung’s Tizen OS, we asked you — our readers — if you are now more inclined to buy a Wear OS watch or not.

Wear OS Stories May 18

Fitbit will make ‘premium’ smartwatches based on Wear OS

Under Google, Fitbit is helping to provide the backbone of health tracking on the revamped Wear OS and, soon, Fitbit will be making its own premium smartwatches based on Wear OS.

Wear OS Stories May 20

Poll: Would you buy or do you own a Wear OS watch?

Wear OS might not be in the strong position that makes it a go-to for Android owners, but there is a lot to love and plenty to be disappointed in if you do end up buying a smartwatch running on Google’s platform – or already own one.

Wear OS Stories May 17

Google teases that a ‘brand new Wear version’ will be announced at I/O 2021

With less than 24 hours until I/O 2021, Google is teasing a “brand new Wear version.” It comes amid a flurry of developments in recent weeks from Gboard to rumors about Samsung’s next wearables.

Wear OS Stories May 18

Current Wear OS owners have to wait until ‘later this year’ to find out if they’ll get the new version

After years of neglect, Google gave Wear OS some proper attention at I/O this year, revealing a major update that focuses on health, battery, and more. If you have a Wear OS watch today, you might be curious if current models will get this revamp. Unfortunately, you’ll be waiting a bit to find out.

Google’s new Wear OS looks like it will copy health tracking straight from Fitbit watches

As it turns out, the acquisition of Fitbit by Google really was about improving Wear OS for the better. Today at I/O, Google announced a revamp to Wear OS that hinges on Fitbit’s health expertise, and it includes essentially copying the step tracking and motivational badges that watches like Sense and Versa use today.

Wear OS Stories May 19

Next Wear OS update enabling 3rd-party Tiles will be available in ‘coming weeks’

Wear OS made waves at I/O 2021 with talk of a unified platform in partnership with Samsung, new apps, Fitbit integration, and Android 11 update. However, in the short-term, Google mentioned today that the next Wear OS platform update will be available in the “coming weeks.”

Wear OS Stories May 18

Here’s a quick look at YouTube Music & other revamped Google apps for Wear OS [Gallery]

At I/O 2021, Google announced that its wearable platform would do a better job of highlighting first-party services, among other tentpoles. This includes YouTube Music, Google Maps, Pay, and Assistant, with a brief preview of those Wear OS apps provided today.

Samsung teases plans to release a Wear OS smartwatch w/ support ‘long into the future’

Google today confirmed what’s been needed for a long time – a major update to its Wear OS platform. Now, Samsung is essentially confirming plans to launch a Wear OS smartwatch after months of rumors.

Google announces new Wear OS w/ Samsung partnership, revamped apps, and Fitbit

At I/O 2021, Wear OS 3 was unveiled as a significant revamp — if not revival — of Google’s plans for wearables. There are three tentpoles to this effort, and it is the company’s best chance in years to be competitive in this market.

Wear OS emulator gives a tantalizing glimpse at the Android 11-based redesign [Video]

The Wear OS emulator in Android Studio now includes a preview of the upcoming Android 11 based update for Wear OS.

Wear OS Stories May 12

Report: Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS in Google ‘expansion,’ drops blood glucose sensor

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 might be one of the most important smartwatches outside of the Apple Watch in quite some time as it merges Samsung’s hardware with Google’s Wear OS, and now yet another report is backing up that change.

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