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November 24

Comment: Why we’re skeptical that Google planned to release a Pixel 5 with Tensor

In a recent video discussing the history of Google’s phones – well worth a watch! – YouTuber MKBHD shared a tidbit about the development of the Google Pixel 5. However, we’re skeptical of the claim that Google switched the Pixel 5 from a Tensor chip to a Snapdragon one “at the last second.”

November 17

Google offering developer discount on upcoming Lenovo Tab P12 Pro to test Android 12L

At the moment, the Android 12L Developer Preview is only available via the Android Emulator, while the beta is coming to Pixel phones in December. A preview is also set to arrive on the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro for large-screen Android 12L development, and Google is offering a discount on the upcoming tablet. 

November 8

Google 2-Step Verification: How to set up and manage your account security

Google recently announced that going forward, accounts would need to have 2-Step Verification (2SV) enabled. According to the company, the first wave of accounts are already being transitioned into this security measure. Many companies already employ this feature, though under the name 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Fortunately, Google’s 2-Step Verification is easy to set up, and just as easy to use.

November 20

Google Doodle celebrates Black Creole composer Edmond Dédé on his 194th birthday

Google is celebrating the 194th birthday of Black Creole composer Edmond Dédé by replacing its homepage logo with a Doodle in his honor.

November 5

Google Messages working on ability to send MMS video using Google Photos

Google is all-in on Rich Communication Services (RCS) as its main consumer messaging strategy. That said, Google Messages is working on the ability to have video usually sent over MMS be sent using Google Photos instead.

November 19

Google Play Store is finally getting a redesign on the web, here’s a sneak peek [Gallery]

It’s always been nice that the Play Store has been accessible not just from smartphones and tablets, but also the web. The functional website offers up the ability to remotely install apps, manage payment methods, and more. However, it’s been out of date for ages. Finally, though, Google is giving the Play Store a design […]

November 21

Pixel 6 preps big ‘At a Glance’ upgrade that shows BT device battery, doorbell & ‘flashlight is on’ alerts, more

With the Pixel 6, Google announced a big upgrade for At a Glance that it’s been teasing since the Material You reel shared at I/O in May. At a Glance is now set to get even more features that justify the new design that spans the entire width of the Pixel Launcher.

November 10

Chrome OS virtual keyboard gaining dark theme, Unicode 14 emoji, Linux apps support

Google is working on improvements to Chrome OS’s virtual keyboard, including a new dark theme, Unicode 14 emoji, and the ability to type while using Linux apps.

November 9

Google app readying a Search chat head for quick text & voice queries on Android

In July of last year, we spotted development of an “Assistant Chat Head” that never ended up launching. Google is now working on a more useful “Search bubble” chat head that provides quick access to text and voice lookup.

November 10

Google celebrates Veterans Day with Doodle honoring the diversity of service members’ civilian lives

Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Veterans Day by honoring members of all six branches of the US Military, their diversity, and what they do in their civilian lives.

Google Chrome will soon be able to take and edit screenshots straight from the desktop browser

A quick screenshot is a handy way to get information to someone, but sometimes an edit or two is needed to best fit the situation. Now, Google Chrome is preparing the ability to both capture and edit screenshots straight from the desktop version of the browser.

November 22

Huawei pokes fun at ongoing ban w/ ‘100% off’ sale on all of those smartphones it can’t sell in the US

It’s been over two years since Google was forced to cut off Huawei as a result of the ban by the US government on the Chinese company, and things aren’t exactly going well. In a cheeky tweet today, Huawei poked fun at the ban with a fake Black Friday sale.

October 27

Google unveils Android 12L for foldables, tablets, & Chrome OS; emulator developer preview today

Android 12’s public rollout (for Pixel phones) started last week and that normally serves as the operating system’s big release for the year. In 2021, Google is doing something different and announced “Android 12L” for foldables, tablets, and Chrome OS today.

November 5

You can get free cashback and rewards with these Google Pay promotions

Google Pay is a useful way to pay in stores without a physical card and to exchange funds between friends, but after being revamped in late 2020, it can do more. You can earn a lot of cashback and rewards with the new Google Pay app — here are which promos are available now and how to use them.

November 19

Google Messages may soon show iMessage reactions as emoji [Update: Rolling out]

The latest update to Google Messages prepares for a new way to handle the annoying iMessage reaction messages often seen in mixed group chats. Update: This feature has already begun rolling out for some, allowing us to see it in action.

November 5

Google Assistant no longer offers ‘Your News Update’ audio digests

In November of 2019, Google upgraded Assistant’s “play me the news” capability with personalized audio digests. Google Assistant has now removed “Your News Update” and gone back to only offering standard sources. 

November 16

Google details Chrome OS long-term support (LTS) enterprise channel that updates every six months

Ahead of Chrome OS getting major updates every four weeks at the end of this month, Google today detailed the new six-month “long-term support” (LTS) channel for education and enterprise customers.

October 27

Google helping bring Material You and large screen experiences to Android w/ new developer tools

As part of this year’s Android Dev Summit, Google has unveiled a suite of new tools for developers, making it easier to use the new Material You design language and create apps for larger screens.

November 4

Google Play will allow alternate IAP billing in South Korea, charge reduced service fee

In late August, South Korea passed a law requiring alternate in-app payment systems in Google Play and the iOS App Store. Google today detailed what steps it will be taking to comply. 


Google Play Store names best Android apps and games of 2021

As December approaches, it’s time for annual recaps, and Google Play is ready with the best Android apps and games of 2021. These lists — including Users’ Choice — are localized, and you can browse your country by tapping the “Best of 2021” banner at the top of the Play Store.

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