February 20

Following the debut of its Pixel lineup, Google has really started to place more emphasis on its own name in branding. Recently, the company announced that it would be merging its payment options under the same roof with “Google Pay,” and that officially starts today.

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January 8

Google is kicking off the year in product announcements with a merger of Android Pay and Google Wallet. Google Pay will be the new moniker for both products going forward as the company aims to make payment experiences “simpler, safer, and more consistent.”

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August 4, 2017

Google Wallet now supports requesting money from up to 5 people at a time

Google Wallet may not be the center for phone-based payments as it once was, but it’s still a great way to exchange money between friends. The quick and easy interface is great for sending and requesting funds, and Google is now adding a new feature to make requesting cash a bit quicker and easier.

June 20, 2017

Back in October, Project Fi added group plans that are ideal for families and feature straightforward management tools. The Google MVNO is now simplifying the payment portion of shared plans with automatic share calculation, reminders, and simple repayment options.

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November 3, 2016

After originally being Google’s source for NFC payments, Google Wallet has given up that role to Android Pay and transitioned to be an alternative to PayPal. From mobile, this has been pretty easy with Google Wallet’s fantastic Android and iOS apps. Now the web app has caught up

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September 30, 2016

Google’s Android Pay mobile payment service has been decidedly more restrictive since day one, all in the name of security. How so? Android Pay has always relied on a connection with a supported bank, leaving many other users out of Google’s favor.

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May 3, 2016

Support for Android Pay is coming to Uber next week, replacing Google Wallet

With the mass distribution of NFC chips (and even fingerprint readers) in most phones, mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular.

Google‘s own Android Pay — as well as a series of other services, like Samsung‘s — has been live for some time in the US, and it looks like Uber is now sending emails out to customers regarding their own implementation of the payments service…

March 28, 2016

Update: It’s confirmed. Google is now sending the below email to users who have a card.

Screenshot 2016-03-31 17.05.40

A new app teardown from Android Police today reveals that the Google Wallet card — which was first announced in November 2013 after many rumors of the troubled project being scrapped — is now finally getting the boot effective June 30th. The card assumably never really took off, and it seems that I’m one of the rare few that still has one of these little now-souvenirs… expand full story

December 10, 2015

While Google has shifted its focus to Android Pay for contactless payments, Google Wallet has needed to reinvent itself somewhat as a peer-to-peer payment system. With the latest update, it’s become a whole lot easier to send money to your friends, family and contacts.

From today, the updated app on both iOS and Android will let you send money to anyone on your contact list, even if you don’t have their email address. You can send money to them using their phone number, and it’s secure and fast.

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October 7, 2015

PSA: Google no longer allowing tap and pay through Google Wallet

If you’re an Android Pay holdout, you might have found this morning that tap and pay has stopped working with the old Google Wallet app. Google has been warning users since Android Pay first became available three weeks ago that they need to update to the new app to keep using tap and pay, and now the Mountain View company is requiring it…

This is unfortunate for users who prefer to keep their device rooted for a variety of reasons. While rooted devices worked fine with tap and pay through Google Wallet, Android Pay — touting its high levels of security and all — doesn’t play along very well. The new Google Wallet app doesn’t offer tap and pay functionality at all.

If you’re seeing this message and need to update to Android Pay, head over to the Play Store. And if you’re looking for the new Google Wallet (which is available through a completely new listing), you can find that over at Google Play as well.

August 11, 2015

Rite Aid was on the side of the slightly-more-retailer-friendly CurrentC for quite a while, but today the company announced that it will begin supporting mobile payment systems — the ones that some people actually use — on August 15th. expand full story

April 18, 2015

Most of the money transfer services that have popped up in Silicon Valley over the last several years don’t directly offer any federal-level insurance, and Google Wallet—until today—was a pretty good example. But now, according to a report from Yahoo Finance, Google is adding FDIC insurance to the money you keep in your Wallet Balance by storing your funds in various FDIC-insured banking institutions… expand full story

April 9, 2015

Dunkin’ Donuts app gets Google Wallet integration, lets you recharge cards with a tap

Dunkin’ Donuts is a pretty big breakfast food and beverage chain in the United States, and Google has today announced that they’re partnering with the seller of donuts to bring Google Wallet integration to the Dunkin’ Donuts Android app.

Dunkin’ Donuts now brings its guests a faster way to purchase and recharge their mobile Dunkin’ Donuts Cards in the Dunkin’ Donuts Mobile® App on Android. By simply selecting Google Wallet at checkout, Dunkin’ Donuts guests can recharge their cards with a couple of clicks—no need to type in credit card information anymore. And hungry Seamless customers will start to see the Google Wallet payment option available in their Android app, helping them get their grub – a delicious array of 80+ cuisine types – in a snap.

While you previously had to use a Credit Card (and spend minutes typing in the appropriate information), the latest version of the Dunkin’ Donuts app lets you recharge your perks cards with a couple taps. Selecting Google Wallet from the “Payment method” section will simply ask for your Google account information.

Google says that Seamless, a company specializing in food delivery and takeout, has also this week integrated Google Wallet in their app. You can download both the Dunkin’ Donuts and Seamless apps on the Play Store for free.

April 3, 2015

Google announced today that it has started rolling out an update to Google Wallet on Android with a couple of notable new features. First off, Wallet on Android now packs Google Maps integration. With this integration, you can see exactly where you performed any given transaction on an embedded map. This feature, Google says, will make it easier to notice any sort of suspicious activity that occurs.

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March 5, 2015

Softcard is shutting down March 31, Google Wallet to fill its shoes

Google announced a couple of weeks ago that it had acquired some technology and IP from Softcard, and today the company has taken to its website to announce that the service will be getting shuttered completely as of March 31st.

This news comes after rumors started spreading that Google would be re-introducing its payments service at Google I/O under the name “Android Pay“. Google’s Chrome and Android lead Sundar Pichai confirmed the existence of such a service earlier this week at Mobile World Congress.

The update, seen on Softcard’s website, reads:

Important News! We are pleased to let you know that Google has acquired technology from Softcard to power the next generation of mobile wallets.

What does this mean for you? As of 3/31 your Softcard app will no longer work. You can continue to use the Softcard app until 3/31. After that your Account will be closed.

To keep using a digital wallet app download Google Wallet now.

For more information read our FAQs.

For those that still use Softcard, the company recommends that you head over to Google’s website to download Google Wallet.

January 29, 2015

UK Send Money Gmail Google Wallet

Starting today, Google is rolling out the ability for Gmail users in the United Kingdom to send cash as an attachment using Google Wallet, the company announced on its commerce blog.

Send Money in Gmail first rolled out in the United States after Google I/O in 2013, allowing Gmail users to send money as an attachment using Google Wallet without even requiring the recipient to be a Gmail user. Recipients just need a Wallet account, and the balance can be used on the Play Store or transferred to a connected bank account. expand full story

December 10, 2014

Official Android Wear, Google Wallet, and Chromecast apps get minor updates

Google has slowly but surely been updating its apps to fit its own design guidelines, and even as late as yesterday updated the Hangouts application (and that one’s still not quite there). Today, both the Android Wear and Chromecast apps have been updated to sport the Material look and, while not many other drastic changes have come to either app, it’s nice to have a bit of consistency between Google’s first-party offerings.

The Android Wear app companion app was suitably updated today amidst the release of Android Wear 5.0.1 Lollipop, providing support for the new version of the operating system. But the new version, thankfully, packs a redesign that brings it more in line with Material. The Chromecast app also got an update today, and on top of the fact you can now use the screen casting feature on any Android phone running 4.2.2 or higher, it now sports Material as well.

Google Wallet was also updated today, with its main new feature mentioned on Google+ as being the fact you can now manage your gift cards and loyalty programs from just one section of the app. As you can see above, under the “Loyalty and gift cards” section, you now have three sub-sections: Active, Expired, and Featured. The app also got a slightly tweaked appearance, bringing the app closer in line with the Material Design guidelines.

You can get the latest versions of Android Wear, Google Wallet, and Chromecast on the Play Store soon.

December 2, 2014

Get a $5 gift card when you buy a gift card with Google Wallet through select online stores

Google is offering a $5 promotional gift card to users who buy a gift card through select online stores between now and January 31st using Google Wallet. The stores include Regal Cinemas and Staples. The full list, from the Google Wallet web page:

  • Regal Cinemas
  • Sephora
  • Staples
  • Toys “R” Us on Gyft.com
  • Whole Foods Market

Google says it will continue to offer the cards “while supplies last,” but you’ll only be able to redeem them in stores through the end of January.

November 21, 2014

Google is currently recruiting Wallet users with payouts and you can now throw deals in the mix as well. The company recently announced its new “Buy with Google” promotion, which offers discounts from a group of retailers including: B and H, Beautylish, CheapTicket, EAT24, Expedia, Fancy, JackThreads, LivingSocial, Newegg, Pose, Rue La La, Vinted USA, Sidecar Ride and Wish.

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November 5, 2014

Android users might have raised an eyebrow at the media attention given to Apple Pay, given that the Google Wallet service has been available since 2011. However, it now appears that Google may be benefiting from Apple raising the profile of mobile payment: sources cited by arsTechnica report that Google Wallet service has seen the number of users almost double, with a 50% increase in weekly transactions during the past couple of months …

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