April 3

How to use a metronome right from Google’s homepage

If you’re a musician, you most likely know that a metronome creates a steady beat to help keep pacing when performing music. While some apps and websites can do this for you, Google has a metronome tool built directly into its homepage. Here’s how to use it…

February 9

How to set a timer or stopwatch right from Google’s homepage

While Google makes it extremely easy to ask your phone or Home to set a timer, did you know you could just set one from the search engine’s homepage? Here’s how…

July 20, 2017

Since its inception, Google’s homepage has not changed much. On it, you will see the company’s logo and the search bar. Besides some links around the borders, Google.com is pretty sparse. Then, after Google unveiled a revamp of Feed, rumors started floating around that it would one day be added to the search giant’s homepage.

Do you think Google should place a news feed or something else on its homepage?

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April 4

How to generate a random number right from Google’s homepage

Whether you’re running a contest and looking for a winner or just need to pick a number between one and 10, having a random number generator can be a handy tool. Thankfully, you no longer need to visit a separate website as Google has a random number generator built into its search results. Here’s how to use it…

March 6

Everyone knows that Google’s search engine front page is a behemoth of a traffic driver even if it has lost a little traffic in the past several years since because every browser has turned the URL bar into the de facto search engine query box. That real estate on the homepage is still some of the most valuable space on the web and Google, still showing its quirky roots, more often than not, puts up a Google Doodle to mark the day.  But that doodle is fleeting — it only lasts the day on the homepage, shared throughout with world with other localized doodles and then is relegated to the archives.

But being a doodle for a day, because of Google’s great economic power to send clicks, however puts the subject matter all over the place in more permanent forms…

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January 29

How to check your internet speed right from Google’s homepage

There are a lot of great ways to test your internet speeds. Maybe you’re trying to figure out your internet connection’s download and upload speeds to ensure your network is working correctly, or perhaps you just want to show your friends how fast your internet is for some reason. One great way to check your speeds, if you want, is to use Google. Here’s how…

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