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February 13, 2012

EU greenlights Google’s Motorola acquisition, but continues monitoring ‘strategic use of patents’

As expected, the European Commission cleared Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of handset maker Motorola Mobility following a short period of back and forth between the Internet giant and European regulators. A statement issued by the European Commission said the transaction was approved “mainly because it would not significantly modify the market situation in respect of operating systems and patents for these devices.” […]

US Department of Justice approves Google’s acquisition of Motorola

The United States Department of Justice approved Google’s purposed $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola, according to Reuter’s Poornima Gupta. The approval comes after we brought word that the European Commission also cleared the acquisition earlier today. Europe and U.S. regulators are the biggest hoops for Google while it works to acquire Motorola Mobility. Now that it has cleared those two, it will continue […]

February 23, 2012

Bloomberg: Google to select Dennis Woodside as CEO of Motorola

Following reports earlier this month that Google’s Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora was rumored to run Motorola once the acquisition closes, Bloomberg reported today Google will select Dennis Woodside as Chief Executive Officer of Motorola Mobility. Woodside is currently Google’s President of Americas Operations and has been at Google in various positions since 2003.    

February 24, 2012

Rumor: Google-branded 7-inch tablet to launch in April

Google plans to enter the tablet market in April with a self-branded 7-inch slate. CNET’s Brooke Crothers said Display Search analyst Richard Shim expects 1.5 million to 2 million units with a 1280-by-800-resolution display to enter initial production this spring. The rumor mill also indicates the Google-branded tablet will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich […]

March 6, 2012

Judge orders Google, Motorola to reveal Android data to Apple

Apple’s latest cunning move in its Holy Crusade against Android involves getting a court order to force Google, the maker of Android software, to produce documents detailing the Android roadmap and its proposed $12.5 billion acquisition of handset maker Motorola Mobility. It was not immediately clear what data Apple was exactly seeking to uncover. This is notable, because Apple […]

Google’s taking a nap: Not one buyout in four months despite 79 acquisitions in 2011

Google must be napping to reenergize for its upcoming Motorola Mobility acquisition, because it has not completed a single buyout in 2012 despite purchasing 79 companies last year. Google filed its 10-K with the SEC in January that revealed the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine spent $1.9 billion (including stock and cash) on 79 acquisitions in 2011. The […]

March 7, 2012

Report: Google plans to sell Motorola Mobility set-top box business

Without any official confirmation, The New York Post reported today that Google is looking to sell Motorola Mobility’s set-top box division as the $12.5 billion acquisition of the company looms. Google allegedly summoned Qatalyst Partners and Barclays Capital to help shop the asset around. However, the publication’s sources indicated Google is not likely to unload the division, […]

February 27, 2012

Showdown: Android Voice Actions on Motorola phones vs. Siri on iPhone 4S

Handset maker Motorola Mobility may have found itself in an uneasy place as both Microsoft and Apple are attempting to block its $12.billion sale to Google, but the company’s marketing department is as vigorous as ever. With this week’s spotlight on the latest mobile developments showcased at Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain, the […]

February 8, 2012

Report: Justice Department to approve Motorola deal, as early as next week

In a new report from the Wall Street Journal this evening, the publication said the Justice Department is set to approve Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility as early as next week. This approval will give Google a good size push in to completing the acquisition. The U.S. Justice Department is poised to clear Google Inc.’s $12.5 billion […]

February 10, 2012

EU regulators reportedly going to approve Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility

While we already heard from the WSJ that United States regulators are going to approve Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Reuters is reporting today that European regulators are going to do the same. Getting an approval from both areas would be significant, and it would push the $12.5 billion buyout announced in August closer to […]

February 7, 2012

Report: Google hoping to smooth over European approvals by assuring it will license Motorola patents fairly

Hoping to continue gaining the necessary approvals it needs to acquire Motorola Mobility, Google is reportedly planning to assure wireless standards companies that it will license Motorola’s patents fairly. Bloomberg reported that Google will send the letters within the next day, and it will be signed by a Google lawyer to different groups. The letter, to […]

September 13, 2011

Motorola was able to raise Google’s buyout by $3 billion

According to an SEC filing made by Motorola today (seen after the break), Motorola was able to get $3 billion more out of Google before they were acquired for $12 billion — even without any other bidders present.  But it isn’t that simple. Today’s report contradicts August’s, saying Andy Rubin actually assisted in the acquisition when he reached […]

January 26, 2012

Motorola Mobility Q4 2011 results: Loses $80M, ships 10.5M phones

Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. —while awaiting Google consumption— announced its Q4 2011 financial figures today, and the results are paltry. The Illinois-headquartered communications corporation reported an $80 million loss on revenue of $3.4 billion. In Q4 2010, Motorola Mobility published a $100 million profit. The red ink terrain expands to the company’s trend of dwindling […]

January 27, 2012

Google’s 2011 acquisition tally: $2B for 79 companies, head count up 33 percent

As 9to5Google reported last October, the search Goliath appears to be on a spending spree since 2011. Having reported holiday quarter earnings, the company filed its 10-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday. The document, available online at the agency’s website, specifies that Google spent $1.9 billion dollars acquiring 79 companies throughout last year. The sum includes […]

January 18, 2012

Google’s Q4 2011 earnings preview

Google Inc., is among the first of the major technology names to deliver quarterly results for Q4 2011 after the close of trading on Jan. 19, and results are generally available within minutes after the closing bell, as a conference call is scheduled at 4:30 p.m. EST. As the Internet’s most popular search engine and information […]

January 19, 2012

EU to decide on Google, Motorola Mobility acquisition Feb. 13

The European Commission set a Feb. 13 deadline to restart its antitrust review and decide whether to approve Google Inc.’s proposed acquisition of Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc. According to Reuters, the Mountain View, Calif.-based Company came forward with new documents to support its case, so the EU lifted the temporary suspension in order to make a decision next […]

October 27, 2011

Google spent $1.4+ billion acquiring 57 companies through September

Employees chilling out at Google’s Mountain View headquarters in California. Google’s spending on acquisitions has gone up this year, a 10-Q filing with that Securities and Exchange Commission revels. Last year, the Mountain View, California-headquartered search Goliath acquired 48 companies. This year, however, Google already through September snapped up 57 startup in a move to […]

Motorola Mobility announces Q3 earnings: $3.3 billion in revenue, $32 million net loss, details on Google buyout

Motorola Mobility has announced their Q3 earnings this afternoon, reporting $3.3 billion in revenue up 11% from Q3 of 2010 and a net loss of $32 million, which is better than Q3 of 2010’s $56 million net loss. Motorola Mobility also announced that they sold 100,000 Xoom tablets and shipped 4.8 million smartphones in Q3. In the […]

October 31, 2011

Motorola sheds 800 jobs as it prepares to complete its acquisition by Google

The new Motorola Droid Razr smartphone Motorola Mobility, the handset maker in the process of becoming an integral part of Google in the stunning $12.5 billion takeover bid, will shed eight hundred jobs. The restructuring conveniently takes place ahead of the Google acquisition, reports Bloomberg. The move was approved October 24, as revealed in the […]

August 17, 2011

Google, the accidental hardware company?

The smoke has cleared on Google’s $12.5B purchase of Chicago-based Motorola and now that almost everyone has had a chance to speak, I think we’re starting to understand what went down. Google purchased Motorola (MMI) for $12.5B, a 63% premium over its weekend closing price.  Motorola, however, has around $3B in cash and securities, which […]

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