October 18

Pixel 7 Pro review: Google is finally figuring out flagship phones

The Pixel 6 was a reinvention of Google’s smartphone, pushing the company firmly into “flagship” territory in a way that past devices hadn’t really aimed at. Now, we’re at the second generation of that reboot, and the Pixel 7 Pro builds on Google’s flagship and shows that, finally, the company is figuring out how to […]

September 29

Google set to launch Pixel 7 series in more European nations w/ regional events

It seems that Google will bring the Pixel 7 series to more European nations after invites were sent out for an October 6 launch event in Denmark.

October 5

Pixel Watch: All of the last-minute leaks [Video]

Google’s first smartwatch is highly anticipated to the point that it likely won’t be able to live up to unbearable expectations. After almost nothing for months, the Pixel Watch leaks have come thick and fast. Here’s everything you need to know.

September 28

Apple is taking credit for Google adding iMessage reactions on Android

Before Google’s “Get The Message” campaign in August, Android’s Messages app was updated with iMessage reactions at the start of this year. In a very weird turn of events, Apple appears to be taking credit for Google adding iMessage reactions on Android. 

October 4

Pixel 7: All of the last-minute leaks [Video]

As seems to be customary, we know a great deal about Google’s latest smartphone series before they officially launch. The last-minute leaks are seriously piling up for the Pixel 7 — here’s everything you need to know.

September 9

Google Store birthday sale: Exclusive Pixel 6 & 6a case clearly taken from Matías Duarte’s closet

Google celebrates its inception every year on September 27 and marks it internationally with deals on first-party hardware. The Google Store’s 24th birthday sale is now live in Asia.

September 15

Review: HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook is Google’s Pixelbook reborn

ChromeOS has long looked to Google’s own hardware as its trendsetter, an example of “the best” the platform had to offer. But in 2022, Google is mostly absent from its own platform. The last Pixelbook was the “Go” model released in 2019, which was mostly underwhelming. Now, though, HP has reinvigorated that flame with the […]

September 8

Comment: Tensor G2 needs to work on heat and battery life above all else for Pixel 7

Google’s next Pixel finally has a launch date. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will debut on October 6, and they’ll bring the Tensor G2 chip along with them. While Tensor’s first generation left a lot of room for improvement, it’s energy efficiency and heat generation that needs the most attention this time around.

August 26

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 review: Android 12L boosts this iterative but important upgrade

Foldables clearly have a big role in the future of smartphones, but to date, every model has come with compromises – whether those be on hardware or software. With the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Samsung has brought its hardware to a strong point, but it might just be the boost from Google’s Android 12L release […]

August 12

Google ad blitz brings ‘Get the Message’ RCS campaign to NYC

On Tuesday, Google kicked off its “Get The Message” RCS campaign online and will be continuing with digital billboards in NYC going after Apple.

Samsung says foldables will be ‘the new standard’ of smartphones by 2025

Foldable smartphones finally caught some traction with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and, even more so, the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Now, as the next round hits the market, Samsung believes that over the next few years, foldables will become the brand’s most popular premium smartphones.

August 10

Google rolling out new Pixel Buds Pro firmware update 2.14

Last week, the day one update for the Pixel Buds Pro became widely available and Google today is rolling out new firmware release 2.14.

August 3

Google Store in NYC has removed its Stadia experience room, demo still available [U]

Google’s first retail store opened up in New York City last year with in-person purchases, repairs, advice, and product demos. The Google Store also had a Stadia room, but that has been removed from the Chelsea location.

You can try out Pixel Buds Pro before buying them at the Google Store in NYC

Audio products are incredibly personal, meaning it’s often great to have the chance to try out a product before actually buying it. With Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, you can do exactly that if you’re in the NYC area.

August 6

This week’s top stories: Google ‘Wireless Device’ hits FCC, Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaks on Amazon, more

In this week’s top stories: an unknown ‘Wireless Device’ from Google appears at FCC, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 details leak via Amazon, Pixel series August update gets delayed, and more.

August 3

You can get three free months of Stadia Pro if you have a newer LG Smart TV

A new offer from LG will get you a free three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, for new and existing customers alike.

Amazon Luna lands a spot in Gaming Hub on Samsung smart TVs

Samsung has been partnering with the biggest players in cloud-based gaming, adding support for game streaming in the new Samsung Gaming Hub. Joining that list today is Amazon Luna, one of the newest game streaming services on the block to join Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

August 5

Pixel Buds Pro Review: This is what we’ve all been waiting for

Google has been trying to nail down wireless audio for the better part of five years now, and it really only stuck the landing once, with the Pixel Buds A-Series. Now, Google is finally fulfilling an all-out audio product, with the Pixel Buds Pro delivering in all regards, but there is one small catch.

March 30

Waymo kicks off fully driverless rides in San Francisco, for employees only initially

Waymo has been inching its way toward fully autonomous rides for the population of San Francisco, and this week it’s taking a big step. Starting today, Waymo is conducting fully driverless taxi rides in San Francisco.

March 2

Google employees will return en masse to Bay Area offices starting in April 

Back in December, Google postponed its early 2022 return to office plans and held out on providing a new date amid the Omicron wave. Google informed US employees today that they have to return to offices at the start of April.

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