July 12

Report: ‘Agent Smith’ malware infected over 25 million Android devices

Malware is something that affects all platforms, be that smartphones, tablets, and desktops. According to a report by security firm Check Point, the ‘Agent Smith’ malware has infected more than 25 million Android devices with its malicious ad injection.

June 7

We’re deep into 2019 and we’re still having issues with Android apps not supporting Dark or Night modes despite millions of devices now using AMOLED displays. Here’s a list of our favorite Android apps that support the dark side… expand full story

April 18

In March, Google announced that Android would prompt new and existing users in Europe to select a default web browser and search app. Earlier this month, we saw signs that this “choice” would be handled by Google Play. Google today officially detailed the Play Store interface and it’s availability over the coming weeks.

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April 3

Google last month announced that it would prompt European users about other web browsers and search engines available on Android to further comply with the continent’s antitrust ruling. Behind the scenes, this “choice” will be handled by the Google Play Store.

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March 20

Opera for Android now comes with a free unlimited VPN

Opera might not be able to match the install base or popularity of Google Chrome, but it now improves our internet safety by including a fee VPN service within the Android application.

March 18

Google Chrome is available on almost every possible platform, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Fuchsia, and (to a lesser extent) iOS, which has lead to the browser being available on devices of all kinds.

Yet, one place Chrome hasn’t touched that its competitors has is the feature phones market. KaiOS is essentially based on Firefox, and Opera Mini is available for older Java and Series 30 based feature phones, leaving Chrome distinctly out of the market. A new “touchless” mode being created for Google Chrome is poised to push the browser into feature phone territory.

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