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Apple Stories June 7

Comment: Apple’s depiction of an Android phone is purposefully degrading, but fairly accurate

After years of ignoring the fact that it was originally supposed to be a cross-platform standard, Apple finally announced an expansion of FaceTime to Android and Windows devices through a web app allowing users on other platforms to join iOS 15 users in their calls. To go with it, though, Apple picked a pretty ugly-looking […]

Apple Stories April 22

Here’s how Apple AirTags work with Android phones [Video]

Following in the footsteps of Tile and Samsung’s new Galaxy Tag, Apple unveiled its AirTag tracker this week for keeping track of your keys, wallet, or whatever else you want to attach the $29 device to. You’d be correct in assuming these are designed to work with iPhones, but Apple did include the tiniest bit of functionality for AirTags with Android.

Apple Stories January 28

Apple beat Samsung in smartphone sales for Q4 2020

Samsung may still be the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, but according to a new report, Apple dominated the Korean firm in Q4 2020 smartphone sales.

Apple Stories June 22, 2011

Android Nation: 7 out of 10 smartphones sold in South Korea run Android

. Yonhap News is reporting that 10 million units of Android smartphones have been sold in South Korea. South Korea’s biggest carrier, SK Telecom Co, has a whopping 6.18 million Android subscribers under its belt. KT Corp. is following second with 2.06 million, and LG Uplus Corp hosts 1.86 million and is following with the third spot. The 10 million Android smartphones […]

Apple Stories September 15, 2011

Android achieves Windows-type monopoly in Taiwan as HTC overtakes Nokia in sales volume and value

Android is the dominant smartphone platform pretty much everywhere, but nowhere is Google’s lead more evident than in Taiwan, the country traditionally on the bleeding edge of technology. According to the Asian trade publication DigiTimes which cited the latest data from IDC, the 990,00 smartphones accounted for half the 1.97 million cell phones shipped in […]

Apple Stories September 19, 2011

Samsung wants to impose iPhone 5 ban in Korea ahead of official launch

The Korea Times reports that Samsung “is seeking a complete ban” on the iPhone 5 sales in Korea – even before the handset is even released, let alone officially announced. Local carriers KT and SK Telecom have so far sold about 3.1 million iPhones in the country. The paper quotes an unnamed Samsung senior executive: […]

Apple Stories January 2, 2012

Sweet Android High-school: A Japanese comic where Motorola is married to Google

A new Japanese comic called “Sweet Android High-school” chronicles the relationship between major Android vendors and the rest of the smartphone market (Apple) as students each representing a company. Some of the characters include Laura Moto-chan representing Motorola and Sam-Sung-chan representing Samsung. Other students include HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Apple. As an example of […]

Apple Stories January 31, 2012

EU to formally investigate Samsung over mobile patents

European Union regulators today announced the launch of a formal investigation of Samsung over mobile patents to determine whether the South Korean conglomerate breached EU antitrust rules in its legal dealings with competitors. The investigation is focused on so-called FRAND patents, a common rule that stipulates a patent applying to the standard must be adopted on “fair, reasonable, and […]

Apple Stories November 21, 2011

Galaxy S III to run Samsung’s upcoming quad-core Exynos 4412 chip?

Samsung is thought to be at work developing a quad-core chip to power the Galaxy S III, an addition to the Galaxy smartphone family expected to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress which runs February 27-March 1 in Barcelona, Spain. According to PocketNow, based on the source code at, the new chip will be […]

Apple Stories September 22, 2011

Survey: Android folks more comfortable switching handsets, one in three eyeing the iPhone

Apple’s embattled iPhone has had tough time competing against the legions of Android handsets that have flooded the market. That shouldn’t come as a surprise: Carriers are promoting inexpensive Android devices left and right and they are literally everywhere. But how satisfied Android and iPhone users are with their handsets? According to a study of […]

Apple Stories September 26, 2011

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 passes through FCC

Announced at IFA this year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 has yet to make its way into our hands, most likely due to on going legal battles. Tonight we have good news however; the Galaxy Tab 7.7 passed through the desk of the FCC this afternoon, giving us pretty nice diagrams of the device. There’s […]

Apple Stories July 24, 2011

Report: Samsung may have passed Apple in smartphone sales

Due to their wide variety of popular Android devices, Samsung “may have” surpassed Apple in smartphone sales according to Boston-based Strategy Analytics. In Q2 2011 Samsung is estimated to have sold between 18 – 21 million smartphones, while Apple sold 20.3 million iPhones, and Nokia sold 16.7 million.  Certainly, they are at least #2. Much of […]

Apple Stories July 26, 2011

Strategy Analytics: Android Market to eclipse App Store in eighteen months

CBROnline relays a new Strategy Analytics report that spells another victory for Google as its mobile bazaar is projected to become bigger than Apple’s App Store in terms of items available before the end of the next year: According to Strategy Analytics’ new application storefront forecast the Android Market is poised to overtake the Apple […]

Apple Stories July 27, 2011

IMS Research: Samsung, Apple the biggest beneficiaries of the Nokia downfall

IMS Research put out a study estimating that some 420 million smartphones will be sold worldwide in the 2011 calendar year, or 28 percent of all handsets sold. The survey portrays Apple as making huge gains in the space, buoyed on the sales of 18.65 million and 20.34 million iPhones in their last two quarters […]

Apple Stories August 17, 2011

Google, the accidental hardware company?

The smoke has cleared on Google’s $12.5B purchase of Chicago-based Motorola and now that almost everyone has had a chance to speak, I think we’re starting to understand what went down. Google purchased Motorola (MMI) for $12.5B, a 63% premium over its weekend closing price.  Motorola, however, has around $3B in cash and securities, which […]

Apple Stories October 11, 2011

Murtazin: Google delaying Nexus Prime/ICS because of Apple patents (Update: No)

Update: He’s wrong.  We’ve heard from an impeccable source that Google plans to have invites out “in the next day or so and there is no patent delay. We reported earlier that Google and Samsung were delaying the release of the new Nexus Prime phone and Android 4.0 “Ice cream Sandwich” out of respect for the passing […]

Apple Stories October 13, 2011

Google to add MP3s to Google Music for Ice Cream Sandwich?

The NYTimes thinks so. According to numerous music executives, Google is eager to open the store in the next several weeks. It would most likely be connected to Google’s existing cloud service, Music Beta, which lets people back up their songs on remote servers and stream them to mobile phones and other devices, said these […]

Apple Stories October 5, 2011

Samsung downplays iPhone 4S, emails customers a convenient comparison chart

Talk about speeds and feeds. Underwhelmed with Apple’s new iPhone 4S, but obviously viewing it as a potential threat, Samsung is luring undecided or perhaps disappointed fans into considering the Galaxy S II smartphone. The company has issued an email to customers, attaching a convenient comparison table that pits the features of the iPhone 4S against its […]

Apple Stories November 26, 2012

Samsung has sold 5M Galaxy Note II units worldwide, selling 2M this month

Samsung announced today that it sold a total of 5 million Galaxy Note II units worldwide, following its announcement earlier this month that 3 million were sold. That means the South Korean-manufacturer moved 2 million 5.5-inch phablets in just under a month —surely thanks to its availability in the United States on AT&T. Sales aren’t as high as […]

Apple Stories April 4, 2013

Samsung confirms 1,400 ‘Samsung Experience Shops’ coming to Best Buy locations by summer

When we heard late last month that Samsung planned to open Apple-style ‘store-in-store’ locations within Best Buy retail stores it was still only rumor. Today Samsung and Best Buy have made things official for its plans to roll out 1,400 “Samsung Experience Shops” in Best Buy retail stores across the United States. Best Buy plans to have […]

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