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Samsung Stories June 14

Samsung’s July update will patch an issue some Android Auto users have been facing

Android Auto issues can stem from a faulty update or an issue on specific devices, and for the past couple of months, Samsung users have been reporting an issue where Android Auto would crash when the device was unlocked. Now, a fix has been confirmed to be coming soon.

Samsung Stories June 11

Samsung has updated these devices to Android 11

It usually takes Android OEMs a fair bit to get the latest version of the OS on older devices, but Samsung has been getting better and better at this every year. For Android 11, the official update schedule kicked off in early December and continues to expand. Here’s every device Samsung has updated to Android 11 so far.

Samsung Stories May 28

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 break cover w/ Pro-like design, square case

It seems like Samsung is doubling down on the design efforts debuted in Galaxy Buds Live and refined in this year’s Buds Pro. Ahead of launch, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 have leaked, showing off the updated design in full and detailing the case, too.

Samsung Stories June 9

Samsung might show off its new Wear OS experience on June 28

Thanks to a collaboration with Google, Samsung’s next batch of smartwatches won’t be running Tizen but, instead, a revamped version of Wear OS. Apparently, we’ll get a peek at that new Wear OS, Samsung Galaxy Watch experience at an MWC panel on June 28.

Samsung Stories June 8

Samsung’s latest Android tablets will get quarterly updates as schedule shifts for Galaxy A20e, more

Samsung, as weird as it may feel to say, is pretty much the best in the Android business when it comes to long-term updates for devices of all calibers, challenging even Google for the crown. This week, the company has again tweaked its schedule for Android updates, with the latest Samsung tablets including Galaxy Tab S7 FE getting the minimum, and some older devices dropping off.

Samsung Stories June 13

Galaxy S21 FE could fall victim to chip shortage, but Samsung says no decision has been made

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE turned out to be a pretty big hit in 2020, making a sequel seem like a guarantee. Rumors have placed the debut of that new device in August of this year, but a new report claims that the Galaxy S21 FE’s debut could be in trouble due to the chip shortage.

Samsung Stories May 28

Samsung tests the waters for a ridiculous 14.6-inch Android tablet in customer survey

Samsung is one of the only brands pushing through when it comes to Android tablets, and now, it looks like the brand may have something literally big in the works. According to a customer survey, Samsung seems to be testing the waters on a 14.6-inch Android tablet.

Samsung Stories June 1

Samsung to expand sales of ultra-thin glass, foldable Google Pixel reportedly on the list

After the hiccup that was the Galaxy Fold launch, Samsung has grown its foldable category on the back of some major tech upgrades. The Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 2 brought the arrival of ultra-thin glass for foldables and, appararently, Samsung will be providing that tech to more clients, including the foldable Google Pixel.

Samsung Stories June 14

Samsung June 2021 security update is rolling out now to these Galaxy devices

Samsung began the process of rolling out its June 2021 update to the Galaxy S21 and more before the month of June had even arrived; here’s every device updated so far.

Samsung Stories June 7

Report: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 price may drop to $1,600, cuts for Flip 3, S21 FE also coming

Price is the biggest barrier for foldable smartphones, but with its third-generation incoming, it seems Samsung is working out the right formula. According to new reports, price cuts are in order for Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and most importantly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Samsung Stories June 11

Samsung May 2021 security update is rolling out now to these Galaxy devices

The May 2021 security update or patch has started rolling out for a number of Samsung devices including the likes of the Galaxy S21 and more.

Samsung Stories May 25

Samsung inadvertently launches then pulls the Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung appears to have jumped the gun and launched the Galaxy Tab S7 FE ahead of schedule and effectively confirmed just what we can expect once the tablet “officially” arrives — likely in the coming weeks.

Samsung Stories May 21

Samsung reportedly hopes to sell around 6 million Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3 devices

Foldables are clearly a big priority for Samsung despite the high costs and compromises, resulting in comparatively small sales numbers. According to a new report, though, Samsung has big plans in 2021 to boost sales numbers for Galaxy Z Fold 3 and foldables as a whole.

Samsung Stories May 18

Samsung is working to port Google’s Flutter SDK to Galaxy Watch and other Tizen devices

Samsung is working to make it possible for developers to create apps for Galaxy Watch, Smart TVs, and more Tizen devices with Google’s Flutter SDK.

Samsung Stories May 19

Galaxy Watch Active 4 may use a more efficient 5nm chip to power Wear OS, design refined

There was a lot of big news during the Google I/O keynote yesterday, and one of the biggest reveals was that Wear OS is getting a major revamp with help from Samsung. Now, another leak is further pinpointing what we can expect from the Galaxy Watch Active 4, including what chip will be under the […]

Samsung Stories May 18

Samsung says 9 out of 10 Galaxy foldable owners don’t plan to switch back

Foldables are still in their early days, but Samsung is pushing the form factor hard. Today, Samsung is revealing the results of some customer satisfaction surveys among foldable owners, and they speak volumes on what the future of foldables could hold.

Samsung Stories May 21

Android 12 may solve annoying Samsung/Google Photos issue by storing screenshots correctly

If you use Google Photos on a phone from Xiaomi, Oppo, and most notably from Samsung, your screenshots are probably mixed into all of your pictures. This is because of how Samsung and others store screenshots on your device, but apparently, Android 12 will force them to do it the correct way.

Samsung Stories May 12

Samsung Galaxy A52, A72 launches reportedly stifled by global chip shortage

The most popular Android smartphones in the world are reportedly facing an obstacle. Samsung’s Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72 are, according to a new report, victims of the ongoing pandemic-spurred global chip shortage.

Samsung Stories May 17

Report: Samsung will put a One UI skin on top of Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 4

Based on countless reports this year, it’s been all but certain that Samsung would be making the switch from Tizen to Wear OS. Now, another report is giving credibility to that report and adding that the Galaxy Watch 4 will be using a Samsung skin on top of Wear OS.

Samsung debuts Galaxy Buds app for Windows 10 for easy earbud pairing and controls

As Samsung and Microsoft continue to work closer together, Windows 10 users are reaping the benefits. After releasing a SmartThings app last week, Samsung has also released a Windows app to control Samsung’s Galaxy Buds earbuds.

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