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Google Assistant Stories July 28

Google is working on an ‘Assistant Chat Head’ and here’s what it looks like [APK Insight]

With Android 11, Google is going all-in with Bubbles, a way to “let users easily multi-task from anywhere on their device.” They are primarily used for messaging notifications and quick access to conversation threads, but the latest Google app beta today reveals work on an “Assistant Chat Head.”

Google Assistant Stories July 30

Google making push for interactive games on Assistant Smart Displays

From smart home controls to setting reminders and asking questions, you’re mostly interacting with Google when using a Nest Hub. That said, third-party apps do exist, and Google is making a big push for Smart Display games this year.

Google Assistant Stories July 20

Google Lens is now available on KaiOS feature phones for visual translations

On Android and iOS, you can point Google Lens at a street sign or document to have it translated and read aloud. Google is now bringing Lens to smart feature phones running KaiOS in India.

Google Assistant Stories July 1

Google Assistant continues to best Siri, even w/ iOS 14 improvements [Video]

Google Assistant has long dominated the voice assistant field, despite a huge head start from Apple’s Siri. With the new release of iOS 14, Apple tried to close that gap a bit with a bunch of improvements to Siri, but it’s clear that, even with that, Google Assistant still has quite the lead.

Google Assistant Stories June 11

Fitbit app reveals work on Google Assistant support, presumably for Versa 2

In November, Google framed its acquisition of Fitbit as a way to “help more people with wearables.” However, since the deal is still pending regulatory approval, the two companies have yet to integrate or announce any joint plans. That now appears to be changing as Fitbit works on bringing Google Assistant support to its devices.

Google Assistant Stories June 2

Android TV’s redesigned homescreen has YouTube TV integration, new Google Assistant UI

Google’s Android TV platform is growing, but sometime this year it’s set to get another major redesign. Today, a leak detailed Google’s new hardware as well as sharing our first look at the new Android TV UI which, apparently, includes YouTube TV integration on the homescreen.

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