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Google Chrome Stories March 29

Chrome for Android getting new PWA install UI, starting with Twitter

As the adoption of Progressive Web Apps increases, Google is working to make the installation process more prominent. The latest effort is in Chrome for Android and sees a new PWA install sheet provide an app store-like appearance online. 

Google Chrome Stories January 28

Google iOS app updates resume following an unexpectedly long holiday pause

It’s standard practice for developers to pause app updates over the December holidays and resume in early January. That was the case for Google this year, but the lack of new iOS releases oddly continued for almost the entire month until app updates resumed yesterday and today. 

Google Chrome Stories March 5, 2012

Microsoft bypasses YouTube, goes to Vimeo for Internet Explorer 9 advert

Software giant Microsoft took to video sharing service Vimeo to disseminate its new commercial promoting the Internet Explorer 9 browser. Tentatively named “A More Beautiful Web,” it features a soundtrack by Alex Clare and fast-paced (albeit a tad amateur-looking) MTV style editing. Both treats are not usually associated with neither the Microsoft brand nor the […]

Google Chrome Stories June 30, 2011

Google hooks up with Virgin and Gogo to offer Cloud computing in the clouds

One of the big hurdles to get over when considering Cloud computers is the “What if I am offline” argument –and the number one place people have traditionally been unable to get online is on an airplane. Gogo Wireless a few years ago started putting that to rest and it is almost unthinkable to take […]

Google Chrome Stories March 13, 2012

Google I/O registration opens 7 a.m. PDT March 27, last year it took less than an hour to sell out

Google opens its registration for its annual I/O conference on March 27. Remember, tickets sold out last year in under an hour so set your alarms! The conference also moved from May to June this year where Google will debut many new technologies, including some Glasses hopefully. While we do not have official word on the Glasses […]

Google Chrome Stories July 31, 2013

New Chromecast app streams photos & video from phones – but you can’t have it yet

That $35 stick is looking less and less like a novelty item and more and more like a serious option for those looking to view content on their TV as developer Koushik Dutta has created an Android app to allow both photos and video to be streamed from a smartphone … 

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