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YouTube Stories July 24

YouTube Music arrives on Android TV’s YouTube app alongside wider HDR support

Android TV’s YouTube app is getting a couple of welcome updates. Thanks to a server-side change, YouTube Music has arrived on Android TV through the bigger YouTube app — Yep, it’s super weird.

YouTube Stories July 31

YouTube will kill off its community caption feature in September due to spam, low usage

In a support post this week, YouTube has confirmed some unfortunate news. In September, YouTube’s community caption/translation features are being removed from the platform.

YouTube begins testing new upload icon and position on mobile

YouTube is testing a new upload icon and icon positioning on the mobile app to help improve and streamline uploads from your smartphone.

YouTube Stories July 9

Ninja streams Fortnite on YouTube w/ millions of viewers following Microsoft Mixer shutdown

In the world of game streaming, there’s really no bigger name than Ninja. The Fortnite streamer has a huge fanbase, but following the shutdown of Microsoft’s Mixer platform, Ninja has started streaming live on YouTube and attracted a huge crowd to his first stream.

YouTube Stories July 16

[Update: 1080p back on Wi-Fi] YouTube for Android is now restricting video streaming to 480p in India

YouTube for Android has now lowered the maximum streaming quality for content in India to just 480p as the country has now gone into full lockdown.

YouTube Stories July 9

Google Fit adds curated YouTube playlists about exercising at home

For many, exercise has been one area particularly affected by COVID-19 lockdowns and social distancing requirements. Google Fit wants to help ease that by integrating YouTube playlists on staying healthy indoors.

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