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June 2

YouTube TV coming to main YouTube app on 2020+ Vizio SmartCast televisions

Last month, YouTube TV became available in the main YouTube app as a workaround for the Roku dispute. That integrated YouTube TV experience is now coming to newer Vizio SmartCast televisions.

June 5

Android Auto gets a redesigned YouTube Music app w/ quick tabs, better visuals

YouTube Music has been available on Android Auto for quite some time and has been updated along with the platform to revise its visuals and more. Now, the app is getting one of its biggest redesigns, with YouTube Music on Android Auto adding navigation tabs and more.

June 2

YouTube touts record Premium subscription growth in Q1, paid $4B to music industry over the last year

In an update today, YouTube revealed that it paid $4 billion to the music industry over the last 12 months, while Premium and Music Premium subscriptions saw notable growth at the start of this year. 

June 18

YouTube for iPhone and iPad rolling out Picture-in-Picture (PiP) for Premium users worldwide

With iOS 14 last year, Apple introduced Picture-in-Picture to let you watch video in a floating window while using other tasks. The YouTube app is finally adding support for PiP on iPhone and iPad. 

May 28

YouTube description UI gains expanded Likes and Views counter on mobile

YouTube on Android and iOS is now more widely rolling out the expanded video description UI that includes more prominent Likes and View counters alongside accurate upload date information within video overflow menus.

June 7

YouTube on Android tests floating comments section when viewing landscape video

YouTube on Android has gone through numerous changes and tweaks, and has plenty of ongoing UI tests. The latest looks to be a floating window for YouTube comments section when viewing videos on Android.

June 11

YouTube Music adds new ‘Replay Mix’ for your most played songs

YouTube Music has been putting more focus on its algorithmic auto-playlists as of late, having renamed its iconic “Your Mix” playlist and introduced seven new daily mixes in the past year. In addition to these, a new “Replay Mix” is now appearing for many YouTube Music users that includes their most commonly played songs from […]

June 7

YouTube for Android TV adds playback speed controls in latest update

YouTube for TVs generally lags behind a bit when it comes to new features, but progress is always being made. In the latest quiet update, Google appears to have widely rolled out support for playback speed controls on YouTube for Android TV.

YouTube Shorts adds ability to sample creator audio w/ expansion to UK, Canada, and Latin America

YouTube Shorts is rolling out further still, coming to the UK, Canada, and Latin America. That’s not all, though, as this expansion is joined by a new audio sampling feature that allows you to add audio to your own YouTube Shorts from almost any creator on the platform.

June 3

YouTube on mobile gains Loop option for playing videos

YouTube on mobile has gained or at least appears to have gained a Loop video option allowing you to repeat your currently playing content for as long as you want.

May 24

[Update: Homescreen] Google testing YouTube ‘app’ for Chromecast with Android TV-like UI

The experience of Casting YouTube to a Chromecast-connected TV has remained mostly unchanged for the past several years. Google now looks to be making a pseudo-YouTube app for Chromecast that takes after the Android TV version.

June 10

YouTube for Android TV passes 100 million installs, doubling in just one year

Google’s efforts with Android TV OS seem to finally be in gear with new hardware, Google TV, and more. As the platform expands, the YouTube app for Android TV has just passed 100 million installs.

June 4

YouTube tests video appeals for creators who have had ads banned, Partner Program rejected [U]

In an effort to make it easy for creators to tell their side of the story, YouTube is making it possible for a video to be submitted with an appeal on ad bans, at least for some creators.

June 16

You can now play games from Stadia’s Progressive Web App on Android

Google Stadia is gaining a new way to play from Android. Instead of using the native Flutter-based app, you can play Stadia from a lightweight Progressive Web App.

June 14

YouTube TV giving subscribers free TiVo Stream 4K or Chromecast w/ Google TV amid Roku battle

Google is offering some YouTube TV subscribers a free TiVo Stream 4K or Chromecast with Google TV. It’s not clear how widespread this promotion is or if it’s related to the Roku dispute where the streaming service said it was looking for replacement devices to give to current members.

May 18

Here’s a quick look at YouTube Music & other revamped Google apps for Wear OS [Gallery]

At I/O 2021, Google announced that its wearable platform would do a better job of highlighting first-party services, among other tentpoles. This includes YouTube Music, Google Maps, Pay, and Assistant, with a brief preview of those Wear OS apps provided today.

May 28

DeepMind’s ‘AndroidEnv’ platform lets reinforcement learning agents use Android

DeepMind is Alphabet’s AI research lab, and today, it unveiled AndroidEnv as a platform that allows reinforcement learning agents to “interact with a wide variety of apps and services commonly used by humans through a universal touchscreen interface.”

May 21

YouTube TV loses LAFC soccer channel as jersey, streaming sponsorship ends

Back in 2018, YouTube TV became the official live television and video partner of LAFC in a deal that saw Google’s cord-cutting service becoming how you watch the Los Angeles soccer team. That initial three-year deal is over, and the channel is now going away. 

June 15

Android Auto introduces better content navigation as Google announces other features

Alongside a bunch of other Android announcements today, Google is highlighting some recently-released Android Auto features. While several have been available for a while, one does stand out. Android Auto now has improved content navigation that lets you scroll by letter.

May 21

YouTube for Android TV testing video description access, new channel shortcuts

Google appears to be rolling out an A/B test to some Android TV users that updates the YouTube app with a new video player that can access the video description, adds new channel shortcuts, and more.

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