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Google Chrome Stories July 6

Google Chrome preparing a tweak that could save 2 hours of battery life

Google’s Chrome browser is, unfortunately, infamous for sucking up system resources and, on laptops, killing the battery pretty quickly. Google, however, is working on changing that reputation. A new feature in development will reportedly deliver considerable improvements to Google Chrome’s battery usage.

Google Chrome Stories May 25

Google Search begins testing dark mode for mobile web, here’s how to try it [Gallery]

Earlier this month, we showed that a dark mode was coming to the Google Search website on Android, by way of Google Chrome. At the time, we weren’t sure of how this dark mode would work or why it would require a flag in chrome://flags. As of today, Google Search has finally begun testing its […]

Google Chrome Stories February 5

Chrome’s ad blocker to target three annoying video ads, YouTube to update advertising

Last year, Google made Chrome’s standards-backed ad blocker fully available around the world. The Better Ads Standards today announced a “new set of standards for ads that show during video content,” with changes in Chrome set to be applied later this year.

Google Chrome Stories June 1, 2012

Google SVPs discuss YouTube piracy, Chrome marketshare at D10

Two Google senior vice presidents appeared on stage at the AllThingsD D10 Conference yesterday to discuss all things YouTube and Chrome with co-host Walt Mossberg. Mossberg asked Google’s ad wizard Susan Wojcicki why the search engine does not find and filter copyrighted material. The topic came in leiu of Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel’s assertions from […]

Google Chrome Stories April 17, 2012

‘Chrome for Android Beta’ updated with features, languages, and countries

Google announced on the Google Chrome Blog today an updated version of the “Chrome for Android Beta” app that includes support for 31 additional languages and a few new features highly requested by users. The beta is now available to users in all countries with access to Google Play. Among the new features is the ability to view the […]

Google Chrome Stories June 28, 2012

Google unveils Compute Engine

Google executives are now on-stage for the second day of Google I/O to announce Compute Engine—its full-featured contender against Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud-computing services. Google Senior Vice President Urz Holzle revealed the Infrastructure platform allows any sized businesses with large computing requirements to run applications on Google data center servers. Computer Engine also features multiple […]

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